Where can I buy an FP2? I live in Spain

I would like to have an FP2. I do not think it’s possible to buy it in a store in Spain, but is there a place that can send the phone to Spain?

Is there a reason not to buy it in the online shop (shop.fairphone.com )?
(Or, more accurately, wait until it’s available again?)

You can check a few resellers to see if they still have stock. For example, German online shop Memolife has it on stock in white and turquoise right now. I recently updated the German resellers, the other countries might not be up-to-date though.

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Like other resellers, they are shipping EU-wide; for Spain it’s 26.95 €.

Thx for updating the list. We should do this regularly. :slight_smile:

First it is because it is not available and second is because I do not have much money and I think the price will be very expensive in the official store. I would like to be a member of this community, but I can not pay more than 250 euros.

You probably won’t get one for 250 € yet, but the inofficial marketplace (#market:offered) might be an alternative.


Unfortunately every FP2 on offer here in this forum that I have seen has been offered for at least 350 €.
But maybe a FP1 is an alternative?