Where can I buy a Fairphone 2?

Good morning,
I would like to buy Fairphone 2. I don’t find on this website the possibility to buy it directly. Where do you recommend to buy it? Amazon or in the few electronic shops which have it available? Thank you!

The Fairphone 2 is essentially sold out (click to find Fairphone’s official statement on this). Until just 1-2 days ago Fairphone was still selling refurbished “Fairphone 2 New Life Edition” phones, but it seems this supply is depleted now as well. However, Fairphone is developing something new – but we have almost no hints so far as to how that one might look like. :wink:

Oh, and be aware that this is a user forum, so actual Fairphone employees are a relatively rare sight here.


If a second hand one would be an option, you could have look at the #market category here, or at the usual second hand websites.


Sarei interessato. Non riesco ad inviarti un messaggio privato, però. Peraltro nei prossimi weekend potrei passare per la Romagna.

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