Where are my photos?

All my photos are on my phone, but where?!
When I connect to my laptop, I cant find them in the DCIM-map. There are no files here. I’ve installed ES file explorer, and they are somewhere on my phone, but I cant find that map on my computer. And yes, I allready connected as MTP.

On my FP2 with Android 6, the photos are on the internal storage in Pictures/Camera.

It is empty on my phone, if I look on the computer…

Do you have a google account with sync turned on? You can try to log into google drive on the computer, and see if your photos are automatically loaded in there

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Can you see the photos within the gallery app? If so, you could look at the details of a picture and scroll down to see the storage path. This is how it looks on my phone (with LineageOS, but it should be similar with Android 6):

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