When will the Roadmap be updated?

I m looking forward to buy a FP2.

I understand that FP probably need to focus on the sales to sustain but this kind of project also rely on a community/share culture between producers and clients, I m just concern by the fact that there is no more update on the road map and not so much news on the last 6 months.

on what is working FP team right now ?

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I moved your post into a new topic as it had nothing to do with where you posted it.

I guess you are talking about fairphone.com/roadmap?

I guess nobody had time to update the roadmap for a while.

Since the release of FP2 they are busy working on (and providing) software updates and they are swamped with support requests. They are also looking to hire new staff members (I don’t know how that is coming along) to cope with the backlog of support requests.

I am not sure what you are referring to.
Do you mean a major release update, or just general software updates?

There have already been 3 software updates in half a year, fixing specific bugs as well as android security fixes. I can’t find it right now, but somewhere it was said that the goal would be to have monthly security updates.
Moreover it was said somewhere that in 2016 we might still see an update to Android 6.
So to me that looks quite promising. I also have the feeling that Fairphone takes its commitment to support the phone for several years serious. But we’ll only be able to judge that over time.

I think he means updates of the FP roadmap. Like, what are the plans for the future?

thanks for your quick answer.
for visibility, you could update FP roadmap with what you said (software update, staff growth), sounds good :grinning:

nothing coming on hardware side ?

We can’t update anything on the fairphone site. We are the community. This is a community forum.

FP2 was just released. I believe there are plans to update the camera module, but I’m not sure if they are already working on it.