When will the FP3 Bottom Module be back in Stock - missed another time

Website says end of September now. I reckon the FP3 bottom module is Fairphone’s nuclear fusion: It’s always 3 weeks away. :clown_face:


Great way to describe it :smiley:

It now says something similar to „at the end of soon“ .

Just of curiousity: Never heard of such rule and I wonder what could be the difference between erasing and not looking? Have a pointer where to look it up?

So far, I thought companies do that out of convenience, ie to deny any liability for data (and easier testing, if any).

and how will you ensure someone is not looking? Even the repair store around the corner will ask you to reset (to avoid issues afterwards someone accusing you for whatever) you would have to unlock codes/passwords/PINs so that the repair person can unlock it or give your password to them… so not looking does not seem a reasonable approach to protect data.

And how do you ensure someone is erasing, angel? Or not looking before erasing? Or checking that customer did it, provided he/she could at all?

Well, you cannot, not even with 4 eyes.

Besides, my main question regards the legislation, if any.

they cant look as long as a lock pin or similar is set they just do a factory reset to be able to access to device

In my understanding, when sending a phone in (to other phone repair centers at least), they require you to reset the phone to factory standards for two reasons:

  • there’s no reasonable way to hold them accountable for data theft (since there is nothing to steal)
  • the customer is aware that his phone is reset (because often, part of the repair routine is a re-flash to the latest firmware). Imagine you send your phone with all the data on it, and you receive it completely empty.

But this is rather off-topic, I understand people don’t want to send in their phone if they could just buy a new USB port off the shelf and install it themselves (or let the local Angel do it).


Any new updates? Website had previously said ‘by end of September’ - today is the 30th. Website now says no date reference.

Oh great, apparently I am joining an ever growing club of FP3 users who desperately want to repair (or try to) their phones and can’t! I’m still waiting for the user support peple to reply- since the FP5 has just launched i am lost in the crowd noise :frowning: I guess I’m gonna have to wait and use my dumb phone. However, I can’t run my business or pay my bills without it so I’m going to have to search hi and low for a spare phone at home (I don’;t think we have any, we use them til they don’t work) and I’ve had a to buy a dumbphone (least planetary impact) just so I can make calls!

Why do you think the part is broken? Maybe it just needs some cleaning. What did you try to fix the problem already?

P.S.: Here you queued into the line of people complaining about a sudden death of their FP3.

That’s not caused by the bottom module. So what is the real problem with your phone?