When I use then the telephone, my partner can't hear me

Since some days I cant hear my partner, when I receive or make a telephone call, what can I do? Is it a problem of my microphone? Do I have to replace it?

Thanks for your answer


I consistently can’t be heard unless I turn the phone onto speaker mode (which then makes the person on the other end very quiet) what happens if you turn on speaker mode?

If I turn on the speaker mode, I can here the other person, how can I change it

Don’t have a solution, but can debug together - I was assuming a hardware fault/it’s kinda like the phone thinks headphones are plugged in and therefore doesn’t do audio properly unless put on speaker.

Have sent a ticket to support a week ago and got nothing back as this renders the phone barely usable as the bug is constantly present, they cannot hear me.

Edit: not sure if I understand you right and you have a problem with your speaker or microphone.

In case its the microphone:

The phone has two microphones, one in the bottom module (for regular calls), and one in the top module with noise reduction (for video recordings and calls on the speaker).

So it seems you have a problem with the mic in the bottom module.
Maybe you have a loose connection. Try to take out the bottom module and put it in again.
If this does not help, then the mic is likely faulty, so you may have to get a replacement module. Contact support on this case.

In case is the speaker: same suggestion, Just take out and in the top module,where the internal speaker sits, to see if you have a loose connection.

Hello, thank you, yes I think I have a problem my microphone, when during regular calls. So I try to put it out and in again. Thanks


I had exactly the same problem.
But, I resolved this (for the moment ?), I hope that it helps you too…
I plug the headphone (with microphone), I call someone, I hang up, then I unplug the headphone, and I can call normally with no headphone or no speaker mode.
Even after reboot, I can call correctly with and without headphone or speaker mode.
Maybe a sensor problem ?

I have the same issue. At first, I thought it could be the connection, but even people a few meters away cannot hear me now. The microphone failed. I went through all of the help sequences found online, and they didn’t work. It looks like a hardware failure (after only 3 months of use).
I contacted customer service on the 8th, saying I needed help before leaving on holiday in two days. On the 18th, they sent a form letter saying I could send it back and they’d figure out whether I abused the phone, then would send me a cost estimate. A few days letter, I got a reminder message. I was on holiday with low bandwidth, but I asked them not to close the ticket.
They closed the ticket. I have asked now three times how long the process will take to evaluate and repair, since I will be without a phone. No response yet to that question.
I suppose I should just buy a microphone and try to replace myself, but I’ve also got screen flickering and random reboots. This seems like a lot for a phone that’s only 6 months old.

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