WhatsApp vibration

when I listen to voice messages (WhatsApp) I find the vibration annoying (at a rate of one per second): how can I turn it off?
The same problem while syncing WhatsApp: a vibration for those minutes…

I’m not sure if I fully understand your problem.
Do you mean the notification vibration, or are describing random vibrations?

Notification vibrations: during all the listening I have vibrations and sounds together

From other messages dropping in or from simply playing the message?

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simply playing the message

Welcome to the forum and nice Avatar by the way, but I’m of no help regarding your issue. :slight_smile:

Did you check WA forums?
Which OS are you running? Settings>About>Build number

Hi there,

I am new to the Fairphone family, bought the FF4 a few months ago and have been having the same issue from the start : the phone vibrates every second when listening to audio (and when WhatsApp is backuping).

I found a solution on a WhatsApp forum for Samsung :

Long press on the WhatsApp icon. Press ibutton / Notifications, and deactivate Media Playback

Hope it might help some other users :slight_smile:


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