Whatsapp echo on caller side

I have a new fairphone 3 but have a problem with whatsapp. People who I speak to say they can hear a bad echo of their voice as they speak, but everything sounds normal on my end. However conversations are almost impossible. It makes no difference whether I have it on speaker or normal phone, and changing the volume also doesn’t help. Looking at the web it seems to be a technical issue of the phone itself. Wondered if anyone else has this problem?

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Yes this has been mentioned a few times, and initially I had it quite bad but has improved over time ???

What Build number do you have i.e. is it updated with the latest software?

Is it an FP3 not an FP3+ they are different?
What network are you using?
What other apps have access to the microphones, there are two. There amy be fedback between your earpiece and one of the mics, try placing the phone in different positions and distances from you etc. to see if that helps.

Other than that I think it’s on Fairphone todo list?

I have the same issue with my new FP3+ but with calls with Threema and Telegram. Normal calls via the provider are working just fine. Super annoying. I allways have to use headphones so the other side doesnt hear her-/him-/themselves.
Interestingly I had the exact same issue with my old FP2 which was one reason for me to buy a new phone in the first place ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for sharing! It seems like this is an intermittent problem on mine - it does not happen with every call. But far worse on this phone than my previous android. Let’s hope some update may fix the issue…

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I have the same problem with Signal and Nextcloud Talk.
It was much better in the meanwhile. But with the January update it came back and is still a problem with the February update.
I wish it will be fixed again because it was working fine for a while, is back now and quite annoying for my girlfriend.

Hi whereas this may be on ToDo list, if there are no official support tickets it’s unlikely to be a priority.

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