WhatsApp crashes instantly after starting

Whenever starting whatsapp on my FP1(U) - but latest when trying to send a message - the app crashes. This is happening since a couple of days. Anyone else with the same problem or suggestions what might be going on or help to fix it?

It hasn’t been confirmed that this is a general software problem, so I moved your topic to #fairphone-help . I for example don’t experience problems with Whatsapp (version 2.16.222). Which version do you have installed?

Version 2.16.396
Should be the newest available.

Do you also use the Facebook app? The latest version causes problems and it might interfere with Whatsapp. So uninstall Facebook and see if the problem is gone.

I uninstalled the Facebook app, rebooted my FP, but the problem is the same.
I also don’t receive messages on whatsapp…

Clear the cache of Whatsapp (Settings > Apps > Whatsapp > Clear Cache). Don’t worry, you won’t loose any personal data.

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Thanks! That helped… :grinning:

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