Whatsapp call not working; stops at "connecting" stage

Hi all,

I am experiencing problems with whatsapp. When I try to call via app I get stuck at “connceting” stage. When I receive a call it is the same. I never get to talk to the other person.
It must be my phone (hardware issue?). I have already:

  • deleted whatsapp and installed it again
  • switched phone on and off

This problem is fairly recent (1-2months); I just never bother to post here. Altough, I googled the issue first (several times), but did not find any thread.

Also my (front) speaker is making “contact noise” when I do regular calls, making it relatively annoying to call someone. (I already don’t like phone calls in the first place). This was pretty much from the start. I just always blamed bad internet connection, or other persons phone.

Thank you for help and suggestions!

Hi I’ve got exactly the same problem and would also be interested in any help(: I only experience it through Wifi, otherwisely it works like a charm.

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