What's the max Speed for FP2 internal Cardreader?

I’m looking for a new microsd Card for my FP2.
What speed/tech spec does the Cardreader support?
It’s useless to buy for much money a high-speed Card if FP2 is maybe not able to use it.

There are so Many specs like:

You can find an in depth explanation to the SD-Card speed classes following the link to sdcard.org.

Your question has been answered by support on this page:


Thanks a lot this overview is awesome, thanks.
And which speed is the Max speed for FP2?

I don’t know for sure, to be honest.
I use a 64 GB SDXC I class10 (SanDisk sells that as a card great for Smartphones), which is sufficient for standard video.
But I guess, if you want to take full HD videos, you can do so as well, as you should be safe with a SDXC I U3 / V30.
All the faster cards - at least to me - seem like inserting a ferrari engine into a beetle. While it might work, it still is a waste, as you won’t use it.

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