What's the difference between Airplane mode and Timeout? And how do you use the Timeout function?

Please let me know difference of Airplane mode and Timeout and how to use them. Thanks!

What do you mean with “Timeout” - the “Enjoy some peace” widget?
That’s actually a timer for the airplane mode, as you can see from the airplane icon in the status bar.

This support article tells you what the peace of mind widget does, although I don’t think it explains fully.

Peace of mind is a way of disconnecting from the world for a period of time. For instance you might just want a break from the world for 2 hours, so activate the widget. At the end of the 2hr period (if you haven’t extended the time because you’re enjoying it so much!) your phone will automatically reconnect to the world.

The widget uses airplane mode to do this. The benefit is obviously that you don’t have to remember to reactivate it yourself.

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You have to enter PIN code of your SIM card though, if you have set one. This way the Peace of Mind app is not of much use to me…