What to do with the backside usb on the FP2

Are there any plans to use it? At first they told us “hey there will be a usb port at the back and we think of cool attachments”. There wasn’t any attachments for it. Someone made it possible to load the battery via that port. But I remember that was something that voids the warranty. Like “you can take your phone apart. You can even flash another os on it. But never ever touch that port.” Will there something happen?

I’m just asking. Even if I don’t believe there are any new inventions for the FP2. They just dropped it and carry on with some new phone. People with a FP2 can hope the the Lineage support will last a long time.
The FP1 was something new. A mobile phone and they tried to make it fair. The FP2 was cool. You have modules and can repair everything very easy by changing them. But it lasted only 3 years. Now they are talking about the FP3. When it comes out, then you have 3 years to be happy. After the 3 years everything will be dropped and they start talking about the FP4. You don’t believe me? Lets meet again in 6 or 7 years.

Where? Who?
(Apart from speculation of the community.)


They are still providing first-class support and software updates to the FP2.


Have a read using the search function with “back connector”. There are plenty of topics about what it is and about several DIY projects using this connection.


The FP2 lasts as long as you use it. The spare parts are available and they will be for some time. Some people think, when a manufacturer discontinuing the production, the product becomes obsolete over night. This is exactly how the electronics industry grow the people: If it is discontinued, buy a new one. Imagine a car manufactuer behave this way. Nobody would buy the cars. Lets act the same way with the electronics industry. We need to grow them!
As long as you ask for spare parts, there will be a market for it.


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