What to do with old parts

I had to place a new microphone. What should/can i do with my old parts?

I would keep them and give them to other Fairphoners when somebody can make use of them.

For example, if another part of the module is broken, to replace just that part without having to change the whole module.

Or to build Fairphones out of broken parts for demonstration purposes. I don’t dare to disassemble my FP2 while it’s working perfectly, but I would really love to completely disassemble and reassemble a whole FP2.


Are the modules so modular that you can use broken modules to repair other (differently) defective modules? Kind of recursive modularity… fascinating… :slight_smile:
Anyway, I really like the idea of training dis-/reassembly with a FP2 from broken parts. Since my fine motor skills definitively could be better when it comes to handling tiny screws etc. I’m also not willing to disassemble my working FP2 as long as I can avoid it.

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Where are you from? The #austrianfairphoners are already gathering defective modules to build demonstration phones for people to take apart, like @Irina_Spitznagel suggested. So far we have a display without touch functionality…

Maybe one of the #localcommunities near you would be interested to build a demo phone too.


Belgium, you know the country that won the Euoropean Championship ;), I didn’t find a community, would be happy to send it somewhere usefull.

I am however a bit surprised Fairphone doesn’t ask to resend the old parts. I thaught the whole idea of the modular concept was to have an easier recyclable phone ergo to easier reuse the old precious metals in new Fairphones and stop exploiting mines.

I thaught the business model of Fairphone had a place for their own old (easy to recycle) precious metals

Have a look here at the iFixit Fairphone 2 Teardown. Some parts on the modules can be changed as well, at least by experienced users. In @Jakob1’s case for example, the vibration motor and the loudspeaker could be reused quite easily…


If you want them to be recycled in Belgium, just bring them together with all other broken electronics to a containerpark/parc Ă  containeurs. Or you can put them in a Recupel-collection point (available in many bigger shops, like Carrefour).

I think sending modules across Europe to be recycled in the Netherlands, would be a huge impact for a benefit that can easily be achieved close by…


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