What to do with my Fairphone 2

Hi, I’ll try to be summarise my story with FP2 :
Ordered in Sep 15, received in Jan 16

  • 1st replacement in Nov 16 due to black screen and other issues
  • 2nd replacement on Juin 18 due system rebooting
  • On Dec18, I asked for support beacause the screen was going black or noisy, several times, and it was very annoying to use it, specially with a GPS apps when driving (needed often in my work).
  • The answer I got : it might be the core module, I would have to send it for repairing, no more warranty, and it might cost 223.43 €. If problem comes from display module, it would be 80€ less.

So 535.80 € payed in 2015 + 223.43€ in 2018, is quite a lot of money for a not reliable phone. I’m sorry, is not FAIR!.. not FAIR with the final user!

so, since then :

  • Mai 2019 I got a used phone by a friend that I’m using as replacement
  • In June 2019 screen didn’t turn on any more.
  • Since, FP2 is on my desk.

So my question is, what to do with my FP2? I have an expensive phone which is not working and I’m not sure it is going to work well after reparation.

Do you have any suggestions of what to do with it?

Thanks in advance…

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