What to do if your FP2 does not show any signal of live

Last year my previous FP2 suddenly and unexpectedly stoped working. I posted a message in this forum and got a few tips to try and solve the issue. I also have had contact with the Fairphone support team and one of the Fairphone Angel.

I am very greatfull to Jeroen, the Fairphone Angel in the neighborhood of Amsterdam. He has helped me to try some of the steps.
If you find your self in this situation, I hope this information helps you to solve the problem.

  1. Try 3 differents chargers / cables that do have the following specifications:
  • 5 volts (5V)
  • 1 ampere (1A, 1000mA) or more
  • micro USB Type B connector

If the LED light does not goes on and the phone does not vibrate, try step 2.

  1. Try to charge the FP2 using a PC of a laptop.

If does not work, try step 3.

  1. Check the USB Port on your FP2 and clean it up using a very thin needle. It can be that any lint build-up the port.

If he USB Port does not show any sign that is demaged and it is clean of any lint and any other stuf found, try step 4.

4 Remove the battery and connect the device to the charger. At this point, the device should enter the following loop:

  1. The Fairphone logo appears on the screen.
    2 The display turns off and the LED on the top left corner shortly blinks red.
    3 The phone vibrates.

If none of those things happens, you can try the following steps if you know another FP2 user of you can get help from a Fairphone Angel (if you are lucky that one is in your neighborhood) :

[A] Switch the battery between the phones:

  • Does your phone charge their battery?

  • Does their phone charge your battery?

If the other phone does charges the battery of your phone this means the problem is not your battery. Try the step B.

[B] With the bottom module and the screen of the other phone in your FP2 , try the boot loop again.

If The Fairphone logo does not appears on the screen and the phone does not vibrate, the problem is probably not on the bottom module and of the screen of your phone either.

[C] Do not remove the bottom module of the other phone from your phone yet , and try to charge your phone.

If the battery of your phone still does not charge, you can try one more step (D).

[D] After putting your bottom module back to your phone , and after reassemble the phone, try once more to charging your phone and the boot loop.

If any of those steps does not solve the issue, it is most likely that the core module is the one not functioning properly anymore. You will need to contact the Fairphone Support team.

Before you contact the Fairphone Support team, make an overview in which you describe the steps you have take and take the pictures of:

Those pictures and an overview will help the Support team to analyse the problem and save you time. Then go to the support page and submit your request:


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