What just happened to my FP2? New Update?

Hi all,

Around lunchtime today 18th May I spotted my FP2 with screen on in my bag after placing in there earlier, screen locked. I picked up the phone and it showed that it was “Optimising apps” like it does after an official update. Checked again 30 mins later and the back was very warm, battery on last legs after being at 60%+ an hour earlier, but it was working normally. I shut down and charged it. Then turned it on and it optimised 5 more apps, before working fine.

I don’t why it did this. There was no indication of an update for me to approve first as normal.

Its brand new - a month old. After 6 weeks of no phone after my last FP2 died and it took that long to get an answer from Support Team I really, really don’t want more problems having shown faith in the product. Hence the post.

Any thoughts anyone?



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As you describe it does look like it having received an update.
Optimising apps usually follows after a system update and can in rare cases take more than one reboot (sometimes dependencies or major system changes require this). Getting warm while doing all this is normal as there is a lot of (heavy) computing going on like archive extraction and installing software packs and perform lots of file transfers and replacing files whilst updating. Also there is a higher power consumption stressing the battery.
I am not sure where the limit for the battery level is which accepts to start a system update. Afaik there always had been a message to charge the battery up to a minimum level and/or keep your phone plugged while it is undergoing a system update.
Maybe you want to look at your phones date of OS patch level. Should be in settings->about phone->android security patch level.
This is for lollipop, hopefully not much different for marshmallow.

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Thanks Patrick.

The OS Patch date is 1st February. Its says I’m running OS 18.04.1.

I concur about the update, but nothing else is indicating that it was…

I don’t think it was an update. Updates don’t just happen on their own.
Sometimes the optimizing apps screen comes after Android crashes.
If it happens more often you should check it out. If it was a singular incident it probably doesn’t mean much.


It seems to be the latest OS version and patch level published.

All I can think of is a system crash for an unknown reason. This can be checked
also with the Hiccup tool at settings->maintenance->hiccup->(scroll all down)statistic. There may be more than 0 for crashreports. But what caused it/them would need some more fiddling, maybe tools or even root access. Otherwise I guess only (if enabled) FP can investigate this.

Generally you should keep an eye on this number. It should not increase too quick. Since my last system sweep I only had 3 within the past 8 months.

Does anyone know more about those created crashreports, can we read them without going root? (maybe with termux)

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