What is you favorite, well working, google app alternative?

I would juste like to mention that my fp3 has been crashing non stop since I got Nova running. Actually it just got worst and worst. It might not be suited for the last system updates… Don’t know. Anyway I enjoy surfing on the Brave application, it saves a lot of time and data thanks to the Adblock function.

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I’m running nova since the beginning without problems


For 2FA, I can highly recommend Aegis (over Authy):


Does everything right that Google and Microsoft Authenticator forgot.

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I guess Mapbox would a good alternative. Here you can learn more https://yojji.io/blog/mapbox-vs-google-maps

Mapbox is a location data platform for mobile and web applications; they do not offer apps themselves. In other words: it’s for developers and not for end users.

Reference customers can be found at


Hey guys,
Give me a hand in here. I am currently looking into the alternative app stores, and I am wondering if anyone of you has already used some of the app stores I found on this website, they’ve got a long list of them. Could someone give me a feedback? Which ones have you used successfullyAlternative app stores or not?

Many app stores are quite sketchy. I personally do the following:

  1. See if the app I want or something similar is on F-Droid. F-Droid has only Open Source apps and is very trustworthy.
  2. Use Aurora Store to download other apps not on F-Droid from the Google Play Store without needing to have the real Google Play Store installed.

FREE Music Radio: Radio Paradise (Commercial-free and Listeners supported)
Home - https://radioparadise.com/home
Android App - https://radioparadise.com/listen/android
a Great feature is “buffer up to 6 hours of RP for offline listening”


Might be worth a note (for a topic primarily about Apps) that Radio Paradise is not a general internet radio App, but an internet radio station … actually several stations, as they have differently flavoured mixes from their music collection to listen to.
Excellent recommendation nonetheless :notes: :+1: .

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Vivaldi Browser
Musicolet Musikplayer
Smart Launcher

Yep, it’s the first thing I look to download. Above Tidal and Spotify for me. I think I originally had it on a chumby many years ago

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Total Commander (Windows (kostet)

Total Commander - Dateimanager (Android Kostenlos)

WiFi/WLAN-Plugin für Totalcmd (Android Kostenlos)
Dieses Plugin/Programm unterstützt direkte Verbindungen via HTTP über WiFi/WLAN zwischen zwei Android-Geräten oder zwischen Android (Server) und jedem Gerät oder Computer mit einem Web-Browser oder WebDAV-Client.

Das funktioniert ohne großartige Einstellungen vornehmen zu müssen.

Meiner Meinung nach ist die Software von Herr Ghisler für Windows und Android sehr gut durchdacht und vor allem Stabil, Werbefrei und eine Empfehlung wert. Wer sich mit Computern und/oder Android Smartphones nicht so gut auskennt und Hilfe braucht erhält auch verständliche Anleitungen.

Ich habe mit der Firma nichts zu tun, Benutze die Software aber seit Jahren und kann sie von daher nur empfehlen.

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