What is/was the "minor issue about the audio feature of the phone" "in less than 1% of the phones"?

I disagree. It’s Fairphone’s responsibility to release working phones and keep their customers informed about issues. They have several channels for this, like email, the website, the blog, or this forum. They (as a company) could be more active here (That’s not Monica’s responsibility but the company’s) and actually it would be kind of stupid not to read this forum since it’s a great resource for qualitative user research. I think they should use this forum more.

They could also proactively post to this forum in a sticky post: We have the following audio problems, they are related to software, they show as the following symtoms, please contact support if you are affected. They could also write this as an email to customers who bought the phone and or write a blog post.


In my humble opinion, we can hardly judge, what the Fairphone team can, could or should really do.
At least I have no insight, what they are doing already, everything I can do is guessing. And that way I have quite a few things, they might be doing.
This forum has about 19000 registered members. I have no idea, how many regularly visit this forum and how many traffic this forum generates.
As to reading this forum, I have no idea if and to what extent Fairphone is making use of this as a means of information-source.

Another question is what to do with that information.
And when it comes to that point, I would expect Fairphone to not rely on the forum alone, since it really is just a - non representative - part of the picture. And the standard channel for complaints is and should be the customer-support. That’s as well the channel, that is meant to give a more accurat account of what’s going on.

Obviously us active users consider this forum a great channel for Fairphone to announce news. On the other hand, facebook or twitter might have a much wider reach.

Plus: when it comes to announcing troubles, that’s always a tricky thing to do. Posting something about “serious troubles”, that might affect only a small percentage of users, could result in a loss of trust in the product and the company as such; which would probably not be justified by the facts.

Therefore my conclusion sofar is, that I can not really judge if a business decision is good or bad. It might be one way or the other.

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Hey Monica

I had contacted the Supportteam in early february and the havent responded yet. That should not be case, as the said they try to do it within 1 business day.

Kind regards

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And from what I can tell the fix already came with the end of January update.

still have the same issue… just happend today again

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Yes, can confirm. This problem is still not fixed! Empty words from Fairphone (as usual). Not happy at all.

Ok, so you have …

… which …

So, how did you diagnose it yourselves?

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Please be friendly. Of course I can confirm that I still have the same issue and really problems to have a proper phone call. This disqualies my Fairphone especially for business calls. It is not reliable in one of the core functions.

I don’t question that you have an issue.
My point is: This topic here is about a specific issue which you can’t self-diagnose according to Fairphone. So it should not be the issue you have.

Even if somewhen this topic would be solved with a real answer from Fairphone to the question asked, or with the confirmation by Fairphone that this was indeed fixed with OS version XYZ … it would in all likelihood not be the solution to your problem.

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If you have a second smartphone, send the FP3 in for warranty repair. It is expensive enough not to accept such errors.


Unfortunately I’ve also this issue (fairphone 3+ android 10 based /e/). And I agree that for the essential core function of a telefone call, I expected more robustness. (why such a core function is not checked prior to shipment?) The checkup tool validated that the ear speaker doesn’t work. I ordered the device via e-solutions so I need to return it… :frowning:

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Is it forbidden to note that similar problems are still present? confused I mentioned in my post how my issue is related.

I’m just pointing out logic.
There are more similar or closer related topics around than this one here … https://forum.fairphone.com/search?q=“fp3%2B”%20audio.