What is this icon in the top right? NFC

Got my FP4 yesterday (my trusty old FP2 was slowly dying in various ways) and so far I’m loving it. But one thing puzzles me: what is the meaning of this icon? The leftmost one in this screenshot:


It’s always there and doesn’t seem to do anything. And it’s kind of hard to Google for :slight_smile:

It means that NFC is enabled.


Haha, I remembered just after writing this that you can google for images, and found it as well. Thanks! Turning it off for now, since I have no use for it.


Hi, is there a way to apply/piggyback nfc to a fairphone2, does anyone know?

There has at least never been a community solution been mentioned on this forum.
(For ideas you might search here: Search results for 'NFC fp2' - Fairphone Community Forum).

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