What is this about? FP fake

I bought a phone because I had been promised it could be repaired when it’s broken. This was one main reason for choosing a fairphone. Now, not even two years later, I find out that it cannot be repaired because the replacement part is no longer available. What is this about? I can have every shitty Samsung display replaced in any shop around the corner. I feel really fooled betrayed and betrayed. Fake-talk about ecologic progress!

@fannynelly - Fairphone are currently working on getting replacement parts back into stock. There is nothing fake about their ambition, however there have been teething problems getting the FP1 parts manufactured due to the small scale of production needed.

If you want further information, I would suggest you contact Fairphone directly and ask them for an update on stock availability (this is a community forum so we only have information that is already publicly available)

Sorry to hear though that you’ve got a broken phone. What part is it you are trying to replace, as there may be someone else in the community that can help direct you to a second hand one to get you up and running again.

PS there is further information in this thread: FP1 Spare parts availability (batteries, displays, motherboards, etc. [out of stock!?])


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