What is the tiny hole in the bottom of my fairphone?

I just received my Fairphone (so 2nd generation) and noticed that there is a tiny hole in the lower left corner (right below the left hardware button). What is this hole for?

I believe this is your microphone :slight_smile:


This makes so much sense - Thank you!
As a very minor improvement I would suggest to add this imformation to the guid you ship with the FP. In the sketch every other button or piece of hardware is mentioned (e.g. the speakers are), so I see no reason why the microphone shouldn’t. There might be other users out there who are as confused as I am :slight_smile:

thanks @dubiosos, it might sound like a very simple question, but like you say there may be others that have this question so thank you for asking :thumbsup:

We’ll feed this back to the Fairphone Support Team and see if they can revise the user guide to include this information.

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