What is the status of Fairphone 2 and future compatibility (5G / Bluetooth 5)?

I’m wondering how compatible the Fairphone 2 would be for future hardware that comes out. For example: If I buy a Fairphone 2 now and in 6 months, something new comes out like 5G or 6G wireless communications, or Bluetooth 5.0, would I be able to buy the new module and use it to upgrade my current hardware?

Short answer: Most probably not. The modularity is primarily meant to aid repairability. There are no plans for a different core module (which would include the chipset with the desired future specs) as of now.

Long answer(s): Search results for 'fp2 future' - Fairphone Community Forum


I totally agree with @AnotherElk.

An additional point:
5G won’t be here before 2020. The frequencies used for 5G won’t be free before (see here).
After that, it’ll still take years until 4G will be shut down.
2G (a.k.a. GSM) is still there in most european countries, and it’s nearly 30 years old.


Another additional point: :wink:

Backwards compatibility. Not every new piece of hardware will only work with the newest part corresponding. It is very common to be backwards compatible as fallback. And looking at networks, they are not switched off from one day to the next. We still have 2G since the 90s, and 4G hasn´t even yet reached full coverage of all major spots.

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