What is the reason that so many devices experience ghost touches?

I’m having the ‘ghost touches’ problem for the second time now (the first time it dissapeared after a couple of days, so I gave it a second chance), so I’ll have to send it on warranty.

Apart from stating here that the problem keeps happening, I write because I made a search and found out it happens to users of many types of devices with touchscreen (“i-things”, tablets, smartphones…). People explain all kinds of reasons for this to happen: software/hardware related, chargers and even humidity issues. Therefore, there are unimaginable “solutions” out there (putting the phone in the freezer to dry possible moisture/grease, for instance). In my case, none of those (that seemed reasonable) solved anything.

I’m curious to learn if the FP team or an engineer in the room has reached any conclusion on the cause of this very annoying and apparently random problem. A questionable quality display provider that many devices use, maybe? Something that the users do that shouldn’t be doing? Thanks!

Mala, since we are on a community forum and only some Fairphoners look in here from time to time, we will most likely get noone from the tech department to answer this question.

Also, I presume it’s quite difficult to tell, since the devices are used and handled in such various ways that even high-end, high-grade touchscreens might produce aberrant behaviour from time to time. ¯\(ツ)