What is the problem (random reboots, no network, no microphone during calls)?

I am a big fan of the fairphone project. I still talk about my fairphone 2 with enthousiasm. But at this point, the problems I have with the fairphone comes to a point that I can no longer suggest people to buy one themself.

I already got a new case, battery and screen (all with warranty) from previous problems.

But now I have following problems, and I’m getting too tired to go through the chaotic forum to find the reason for my problems. What is causing the following problems and how do I solve them?

my fairphone restarts frequently. The smallest shock can trigger this (placing it on a table for example). Why is this happening now? Is this a problem with the battery disconnecting after a shock?

most of the time, I have no connection with the mobile network. So I can’t get phone calls or call someone else. I already changed the simcard, but that doesn’t help. What is causing this problem?

When I do get a phone call, the microphone doesn’t work so the person calling me can’t hear me. If I make a videochat with whatsapp, than everything works fine. If I make a video, I can hear all the sounds. Is a phone call using a different microphone? If not, what software issue causes this?

Hello, this doesn’t sound good. These are too many problems at once to be solved by replacing modules. I’m afraid your core module might be broken. The 2nd and 3rd issue are probably caused by a malfunctioning baseband modem, which is located on the core module.

To rule out any software issues, boot your phone into #dic:safemode (click link) and try if this solves the issues. Also have a look at the #troubleshooting guide.

If you are still under warranty, #contactsupport immediately because the date of the claim counts.

This means the battery doesn’t sit in the frame tightly. Take the cover off, turn off the phone and see in which direction you can move the battery. Then put a folded piece of paper in the gap to stop that movement.

What does the symbol in the notification bar then look like? Do you have a bad signal (low bars), a slow connection (e.g. EDGE) or maybe an “X” on the symbol?

Try the troubleshooting tool. It will tell you what the problem is.

I think this is a very premature assumption.

Maybe, but I personally would ask for a warranty replacement if I had so many problems at once and replacing the SIM card doesn’t help. At least the microphone issue sound pretty reproducible and Whatsapp doesn’t use a different microphone if I’m not mistaken.

Ps: But yeah, I’m not really an expert (still using my FP1) and only posted here because the topic first appeared in #community. Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it because I muted #fairphone2help. :wink:

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