What is normal battery drain on FP4?

Hi all,
I’ve just bought a new Fairphone 4 and I have some questions regarding battery usage. I’m using stock OS (Android 11), and relatively few apps (Firefox, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, few banking apps).

Battery drain seems to be very inconsistent: I typically leave my phone on overnight, but with airplane mode on, and with wifi/mobile data disabled. The first night, my phone battery only drained 1%, which is compatible with my experience with my previous phone (a Samsung a5 - 2017).
However, starting from the second night, the phone is draining ~15% battery with same setup.

I have tried to use AccuBattery, but without much success. That said, the power consumption of the phone seems to be relatively high even when idling. Right now AccuBattery reports around 250mA draw, and 20%/h consumption with screen on, 4.5% with screen off. These numbers seem very very high.

When browsing internet I can see the battery percentage dropping very quickly (e.g. 1% every 3-4 minute or so). On my old phone (which was 4 yrs old) I could get with same apps (and Android 8, which was the reason of the upgrade) 2-3 days out of the (small) battery. With the FP4 I’m nowhere near that.

The only “suspicious” thing I’ve done was to install (and then uninstall) an application to enable “tap to wake” (as I was a bit worried about power button wear just to see notifications). Since the app was not working as I expected I have uninstalled it. So I’m wondering if it’s possible for the app to have altered some of the phone factory settings, and now, despite the app is uninstalled, I’m stuck with bad settings.

Any ideas? What is your normal power draw? I’m surprised I’m having issues with this as many reviews mentioned that battery life was “better than average”. Thanks!

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