What is fair about fair phone? And what is open?

It seems to me that if you want to have something be fair, it is important for it to be free and open source from top to bottom. If it isn’t that, then there is no fairness to the customer, because their freedoms are limited & their privacy is probably violated.

In addition the design of the phone has to be such that the user can prevent surveillance, such as listening in by others when the phone is ostensibly off… And this kind of fairness can only be achieved by careful hardware design that has a kill switch to permit the user to turn off the cellular radio.

Dear @rolf, if you would be so kind to use the search function of the forum, you might notice two things.
that we discussed this already. Multiple times. (And a lot of people actually agree with what you say. At least in parts.)
Fairphone is trying to do better, but it’s far from prefect. But, as some forum members already have pointed out, and multiple times as I like to reiterate: fairness is not only a customers thing, but a matter for the whole production process, and this is where the focus of Fairphone lies.


Let’s say hypothetically there is a phone that was made without any child labor, and everyone was paid a fair wage, but the phone completely violated the basic human rights of the customer, like the right to privacy, then it would be a very unfair phone. I hope the fairphone is not trying to achieve that goal.

Fairness that pleases the richest 1% by allowing surveillance is an Orwellian fairness.

If that is the fairness that Fairphone is trying to achieve, than it should not be called fair.

Listen, we really had this discussion already.


May be you did but I did not.

Why not just call it Happy Police State Phone?

Honey, sorry, but you are neither constructive, nor amusing, nor original.

How about trying to use the search function and see how a lot of people here, including me, already called for OS alternatives, BTW? But you might also try to look at a pic of a hypnotoad for a while. Helps me go to sleep everyday, and forget about this terrible, terrible black helicopters.


So you’re saying that nothing in the world is really fair?

@humorkritik is right. Please use the search function and read some of the discussions we had already. If you still have the feeling you have something new to add please do so in an existing topic.

I’m closing this topic.