What is a superuser?

When I update it says I am granted superuser access, then says don’t accept if I don’t understand- I don’t! What is it?

Android is an operating system based on Linux, and like with Linux you’ll need user permissions to do things. When you boot your phone, you are automatically logged in as a specific user. This user is allowed to do a lot of things, but not everything. For instance, it cannot access all of the files present on the system.

Because the Fairphone OS does need access to these protected system files to install a system update, you’ll need to grant it access by allowing it to operate under a different user with more permissions. This user is called the superuser.

If an app needs access to this user you will be prompted to give it access. Only do this if you are absolutely sure the app can be trusted, because harmful apps might irrevocably damage your phone with superuser access.

In the system settings, under the superuser menu you can see which apps have superuser access.

It’s safe to give FairPhone OS superuser access.