What headphones do you use with your Fairphone 1(U)? (Discussion on Compatibility Issues)

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I do not use these headphones very often, especially not on the phone, but I’ve tested them and they do work. If you’re a music lover you may find the audio quality somewhat lacking (but we who use hearing aids have learnt how to live without hifi anyway).
Most often I use them when watching a film on a PC. In those cases I’ve noticed that the bone hearing is only a part of the sound - since the pads ‘leak’ a bit, my hearing aids pick up that, too, which IMHO improves the sound.
Main advantage is that there’s no risk for acoustic feedback which is common when you try to wear ordinary headphones on top of hearing aids.



I’v just bought these headphones SONY MDR-ZX610AP (with “Clever” button) , got the same for my nephew and they were great so I got those two.

In the manual they talk about an app allowing the button to have several functions depending on how many presses are pushed on the button, I downloaded the app but only the play/stop function seems to work.

If I put another function on the single press I get nothing.

Is this possible that it’s due to Fairphone being unsupported (it shouldn’t be, to me, as it uses a valid version of Android) and is there a way to make it work, like writing an app or something?

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Also, to me it’s not clear (now?) which headphones ZoidbergForPresident is talking about…

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Sorry I may not understand but was my question answered in this thread?

I don’t think so and hope someone else has Sony headphones with a Clever button, so they can help you.

Thanks, that would be nice but I could do without, it’s just less convenient when hearing music.

Altough the headphones are fine, nice quality (nice enough for I at least) and they plug nicely with the case on.

I got two pairs - Nokia and one different brand that’s good for training - they withstand water/sweat. Both transport noise to the ear when the chord bounce into something - its unbearable. Nokia is the WORST.
The noise is solely from the chord coming into contact with the surroundings, its the same phenomena as the playful game where you have two jars attached with a string and when talking into the jar while having the sting stretched it transports to the other jar.
I would like to know what brands do not transport noise so easy like that?

Do you know these?

Not exactly headphones, but actually a mp3 player. I don’t own them, but I think the concept is great.

I’m using Sony MDR-something headphones. Isolate quite nicely from outside noises and decent quality (at least for I). Got them at 39€ (instead of 50 or 60).

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I did not know which headphones to use hence asked for suggestion to a friend of mine.
He too uses Fairphone and has been using the Sennheiser Momentum headphones for like more than 3 months. I got myself the same and must say it works perfectly fine and I am really satisfied with the quality as well. Not only that the earbuds fit perfectly into my ears which is not that common since the shape of my ears are not compatible with most of the headphones I have used.

I use a Panasonic RP-HJE140. Nothing special, without mic, but works like a charm.

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I’m bumping @teh_flame’s question: Has anyone been able to find a set of headphones with fully working remote? I’ve tried several with very limited luck.

Based on this thread, we’ve got the following:

  • Samsung ehs64avfbe (three-button) - yes / @Rob_van_der_Does
  • Samsung EHS61 (one-button) - yes with app / @Penty
  • Philips SHE5105BK/10 Citiscape (one-button) - yes / @Chris_R
  • SONY MDR-ZX610AP (one-button but several functions) - partly with app / @ZoidbergForPresident

I can add (not sure about all models, sorry):

  • Apple in-ear headphones (three-button) - only pause/play works, volume buttons often don’t work and when they do, they do random things
  • RHA MA450i in-ear headphones (three-button) - only pause/play works, volume buttons don’t work
  • Samsung in-ear headphones (one-button) - yes
  • Apple button headphones (three-button) - only pause/play works, volume buttons don’t work
  • Old Nokia button headphones (one-button) - yes

@hyperion4001 also had problems with the phone not recognising the headset as having a microphone. I’m experiencing this too - half the time the microphone is not recognised. Anyone else have this problem?

I’ve got another issue as well, and this one really bites: Whenever the phone does recognise the microphone, there’s a rapid clicking noise (several clicks per second). Upon pausing, it disappears after a few seconds, but starts again when I press play. The only thing that works is unplugging the headset and plugging it back until the phone doesn’t recognise the mic/remote - so I have to choose between noise and working mic/remote. Quite often there’s also mild but discernible static noise, like crickets, that is especially noticeable when listening to audiobooks, when the narrator pauses between sentences.

I use my phone for audio A LOT, and it frustrates me immensely that it has this combination of noise problem, remote-recognition problem and buttons-not-working problem. If anyone knows any headset with a working three-button remote it would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello. I want to buy a handsfree device to make calls while doing other things with my hands. I would also like to listen to music and radio through it.
I would be happy with low-tech wire earphones, something small that I can carry around in my pocket. I am not necessarily looking for bluetooth although that would be ok too, and I dont like single-eared devices. What should I buy (in France)?
I remember already asking that question but I can’t find it anywhere. Someone answered that any device working with [don’t remember the specific code] would work fine.

Someone answered that any device working with [don’t remember the specific code] would work fine.

CTIA. See Wikipedia on 3.5mm connectors

Short: Any current headset with one plug will probably work.

Also see What headphones are compatible with the Fairphone 1(U)?

Thank you so much! I knew I had read it somewhere…

If you’re still looking, I can really recommend the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 bluetooth earbuds. I’ve been using them for over a year now, mostly to listen to music when biking or exercising. Great audio quality, good microphone (better than the microphone on the FP itself, according to my contacts), and three buttons to control the smartphone. It also charges on microUSB, so you can just use your phone charger when the battery’s low. Battery life is about eight hours. I usually have to charge it twice a week. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it.

Actually, for the Sony, the app doesn’t seem to function properly. Without the app you can use the button as a pause/resume function, but that’s all. The app basically does nothing.

It happens sometimes, that my phone restarts in 5 seconds of a phone call while using bluetooth headphones.
I use this: Arctic P311
Version 1.8.7
Am I the only one?