What headphones do you use with your Fairphone 1(U)? (Discussion on Compatibility Issues)

this is indeed an issue we are aware of and could not fix in the current model. Really sorry about that. I know some people fixed it by taking a stanley knife to it… or maybe find a slim adapter plug that does fit as a workaround.

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Well, I more or less managed to plug it in but it may easily be pushed out by some manner.

I guess it’ll do for now, I’ll try next time I take it out.

Case is cool though, although the screen isn’t protected.

I’m using the Philips SHE5105BK/10 Citiscape headset - has mic with 1 button. The button answers/hangs up calls and a quick press can put a call on hold. Can also start/stop music, but that’s it.

I’m happy with the functions, even though I would prefer to be able to skip tracks etc, but not essential for me. Sounds quality is pretty good for music and calls.

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I rarely use any phone for audio… I mostly use an iPod shuffle, because I prefer controls that I can operate by feel (don’t want to have to take out my phone, unlock the screen, go to the audio app… just to change to a different podcast or whatever). However, the phones I use are these…

Soundmagic E10

The earbuds that come with them aren’t great (the soft rubber type) so I replace them with some of these…

Comply foam tips

That works out about 35 GBP in total (I buy multi-packs of Comply tips) which is pretty cheap, but the quality is impressive. I went through a phase of buying phones in the 60-80 GBP price range (Shure and Audio Technica) and was disappointed every time, mostly with the poor quality control. These Soundmagics are easily as good as the Shure SE115 I used to have, but they don’t mysteriously die after a few months!

I use the ‘regular’ headphone from my iPod, and they work quite well :slight_smile:

I use a pair of SANDSTROM SRIOB13X headphones which I bought at a Dixon’s Tax Free in the airport one day when I forgot my usual headphones. They fit the case well and seem to work just fine, although I haven’t tried to used them to control music.

Thanks for the link on the Thinksound headphones @Marco, I’ll have to check them out!

One thing I have noticed though is that when I plug in my headset, it doesn’t always get recognised by my phone as having a microphone built in, I sometimes have to plug and unplug them several times before they get recognised. This happens with or without the case, so it’s not an issue of depth, which was what I first thought. Anyone else had this issue?

Hello everybody,

I think any headphone will just work fine and I will start with the ones I have from a previous phone. Nevertheless I have some “dream”-head-phones for which I currently save month by month… and one fine day, I want these…

Since it has been a while:

Can anybody confirm fully working headphones (volume, next/previous track, pause/resume), exept the Samsung ehs64avfbe?
When you search for those on Amazon, you get dozens of different results… and most of them have very bad ratings.

It seems like those are the only ones reported to really work with the fairphone, and I am wondering if there are others with better audio quality :slight_smile:


When I want to use non-wirless (what a word) headphones for radio usage I take my Philips SHE3590BL/10:

They work fine for me and fit exactly into the opening of the Fairphone case. Plus, its blue matches the blue that my case has… :slight_smile:

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I have tried two pairs of Nokia WH-102 headphones and they work fine, but the volume level is a bit low.
I’ve also tried the Samsung EHS61 headphones and they work very well, the answer button is compatible and with an app it support all the functions.

But i have noticed one thing, when i plug in my headset slowly it doesn’t get recognised by my phone as having a microphone built in, instead when i plug in it quickly the microphone is recognised too!
I hope that this advice will be useful!

I’m using the Philips SHE5105BK/10 Citiscape headset - has mic with 1 button.

I too am safisfied with a Philips basic set, low cost and very reasonable function IMHO


Thanks kgha for the trick re. hearing aids -I’ll have at least two persons very interested here (of which one is already with a FP :smile:)
Thanks really.

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You’re welcome!
I do not use these headphones very often, especially not on the phone, but I’ve tested them and they do work. If you’re a music lover you may find the audio quality somewhat lacking (but we who use hearing aids have learnt how to live without hifi anyway).
Most often I use them when watching a film on a PC. In those cases I’ve noticed that the bone hearing is only a part of the sound - since the pads ‘leak’ a bit, my hearing aids pick up that, too, which IMHO improves the sound.
Main advantage is that there’s no risk for acoustic feedback which is common when you try to wear ordinary headphones on top of hearing aids.



I’v just bought these headphones SONY MDR-ZX610AP (with “Clever” button) , got the same for my nephew and they were great so I got those two.

In the manual they talk about an app allowing the button to have several functions depending on how many presses are pushed on the button, I downloaded the app but only the play/stop function seems to work.

If I put another function on the single press I get nothing.

Is this possible that it’s due to Fairphone being unsupported (it shouldn’t be, to me, as it uses a valid version of Android) and is there a way to make it work, like writing an app or something?

Cheers all and happy 2015 (hopefully),

@ZoidbergForPresident - I’ve moved your question to the headphone discussion topic

er, it would be nice if you had a pointer to that discussion here… otherwise how can we find it quickly? (or… is this thread the landing part?)
Also, to me it’s not clear (now?) which headphones ZoidbergForPresident is talking about…

@Herve5 - good call, my bad! I’ve updated the post from Zoidberg with the make/model which was in the title.

I’ve moved here and closed the other topic as it’s linked to the compatibility of the button which is captured here.

PS Just spotted that Joe’s initial post is misleading now that the old forum is closed! I’ll edit that too :smile:

Sorry I may not understand but was my question answered in this thread?

I don’t think so and hope someone else has Sony headphones with a Clever button, so they can help you.

Thanks, that would be nice but I could do without, it’s just less convenient when hearing music.

Altough the headphones are fine, nice quality (nice enough for I at least) and they plug nicely with the case on.