What do you think of the categories on this forum?

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new forum :slight_smile:

As we get our feet wet, I’ll be posting some questions and discussions here in the Meta category about the forum itself so we can keep improving it. For now - what do you all think of the categories? Are they clear enough in name and description? Do we need more… or less?

Our strategy was to keep them small and a little broad for now (eg, Fairphone Cafe) and we can always add more later. I guess we’ll just have to see what are the most asked topics.

I think the categories are fine.

I imagined a category for Tipps&Tricks would be great,
but the i figured i could formulate my Tipps as question in the Help section :slight_smile:

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Hey Joe,

I think the current categories are good for the beginning.

Too much categories are normally confusing the user instead of helping. And scaling up later should be no problem at all.



I’m missing some sort of an off-topic category…

Hi @madde

the Fairphone Café is what you are looking for. :smile:



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Hi @stojmas and thanks for your reply! I understood the Fairphone Café area to be some sort of overall discussions around the fairphone project. Imho there could be some sort of non-facebook related topics like general news, political discussions,…

Well, the description of the Café is:

Sit back and relax at our café. Talk about everyday topics, about being a
Fairphone user, post memes and other uncategorized stuff.

If you leave the Fairphone user stuff aside you have the perfect fit for an off-topic category. :smile:



I’ll give it a try sometimes…
Any chance on selecting multiple (or at least two) categories when creating a new thread? Seems to me, that it could be a good idea to “tag” threads with a language category if they aren’t english. So people from spain, germany, french,… who prefer to post in their own language could use these tags to post in a specific language, while I should be able to easily filter them out with my settings (I suppose).


I think we need a ‘wish-list’ category.
Ideas for future hard- and software should get a good visible place.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Rob_van_der_Does.

I think the issue here is that we want to present a structured way that you all can give feedback. If it’s a collection of your issues and requests, and the Fairphone team doesn’t have the capacity to collect all this then we’d all be disappointed with the results.

With this in mind, members of the product and communications team are working on more open design methods to get feedback from the community. It will take us some time to get these rolling, but once we have updates we’ll share them with you. Thanks again for the feedback!

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The topics are good. There could though be a good thing to make sub topics like the “Bug Reports” under “Fairphone Help”. I can think of sub topics regarding the features the phone has like GPS, WIFI, CAMERA, OS, BATTERY and so on. The goal is to narrow down to topics of intrest.