What can I do if the USB port is broken?

Hi there,

yesterday my USB connector is not working anymore. Neither charging nor connection to my laptop work. Rest of the phone seems to work fine. I don’t think it’s the battery. The battery level looks fine for the online time of the phone, so I don’t think the battery is broken.

I tried different cables and USB-chargers. None of them work, so I’m pretty sure the problem is with the phone. As said, the battery itself looks good and discharges normally.

Does anybody has experience with the repair service of Fairphone? How long did it take on average until you got your phone back?

My biggest problem at the moment is, the battery will be empty soon and I need to figure out a way to recharge it. Is there any kind of “external” charger for the Fairphone battery? And no, I don’t want to experiment on that, as exploding batteries are not funny. :wink: Any other suggestions?

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I think you also can order the part.
Your failure is definitely the one I fear the most, and also the main cause of abandon for most of my small electric items, previous phones included.
When FP was asking for suggestions for the next Fairphone2, I proposed to plan TWO usb ports.
This wasn’t retained as not a brilliant feature, and I deeply regret it.
Apart from the two buttons, this part is the only mechanically active element in the phone, and one most of us activate probably more often than even the buttons.
And still we don’t do anything to cure it…


the same here. I brought it a to a “handy doctor” to replace the usb-box on the motherboard again, because it was loose. But it broke again and now I have an almost functional phone, but no idea, what I can do except from buying a new motherboard, what’s definetly too expensive for me. Any ideas? Should I sell the other components? hmm… : (

In the end I send the phone in, as it was still under warranty and got it repaired. I don’t know, if your “handy doctor” visit voided the warranty, but if you’re desperate to get it fixed, the Fairphone-Service is doing a good job.

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I guess the nicest solution would be inductive charging. No cables, no breaking physical connectors etc.

… but a lot of energy loss. Not very environmentally friendly :slight_smile:

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Having the usb port on a different board than the most costly board (motherboard) would be a great start. Or making it slightly easier to repair, by having a bit more space around the port.

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The FP2 will have a USB connector seperated from the main board: :blush:

And – from what I understood – even inside the modules parts are easily accessible if you know what you are doing: Modules are designed to be easy to replace by end users but inside the modules parts are designed easy to replace by professionals. I hope this means that there is enough space around the port and maybe even that it is not soldered but screwed to the board.