What Bluetooth version(s) does the FP1 support?

Couldn’t find this in the other bluetooth questions I looked through (and unfortunately the FP1(U)'s specs are no longer listed on the website (or anywhere else I could find).
I’m looking to get a pair of fancy bluetooth headphones but have had problems with a fitness tracker that required a newer version of later bluetooth version than the Fairphone provided.

What range of bluetooth specifications does the phone support?
With that information I can then check which of my headset options fall into that range (they tend to only boast with the highest version they support…)

Archive.org to the rescue!

v2.1 + EDR / v3.0 + HS

Stuff like LE and AptX won’t work. Doesn’t necessarily mean devices that support those features won’t work, just that those features won’t be available.


Dang it, I should have thought of trying Archive.org
That’s a clever workaround (still kind of odd that it’s necessary, but I’m not complaining).

Thank you for the super useful (and fast!) answer.
Now to go see about these headsets…

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