What are the different Android 10 available custom ROMs for Fairphone 3+?


I recently got a Fairphone 3+, and I’m looking to root it with Magisk, install TWRP and get a great custom OS.

But the only OS I found is /e/ which looks great but I would also like to get to know more OS to have more choice. What are the available custom OS for Fairphone 3+ ?

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The default Fairphone OS is currently the only OS for the FP3 and FP3+ based on Android 10. /e/OS is not yet on Android 10:

There is some preliminary inofficial LineageOS version for the FP3 and FP3, but as far as I know, also on Android 9 only so far.


I’d recommend you to have a look here: ✏ Operating Systems for Fairphones

(Though none of them is yet compatible with the new camera and FP3+ yet, /e/ should be the first ones to be it as @urs_lesse pointed out)


… also applies to the Fairphone 3+ I guess.


I am also looking for a custom ROM for my FP3+,
Since the difference to FP3 is the new camera module (at least this is what I understood), I tried to install LIneage OS on it. -> worked, but the camera is deactivated (this was kind of expected).

Does anybody know, if the camera drivers will be supported in a future release or in another OS?

Regarding the FP3+ (and the FP3 with the new camera module), it should work again with LineageOS 17.1 based on Android 10:

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LOS 17.1 for FP3(+) will support the new camera modules.


Thank you for your fast reply, i really appreciate your work and am looking forward to the release around Christmas.

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You can give a try to LineageOS with MicroG. It’s a great option.
Be conscient that installing TWRP + magisk(root) needs to unlock the bootloader so OTA will not be avaiable as soon as your partition is modified.

To be clear on the wording … Installing TWRP and Magisk is breaking OTA updates by default, unlocking the bootloader doesn’t break OTA updates.
But as far as I’ve read (don’t use it myself) Magisk should be able to work around this for itself and TWRP with some additional tweaking.

…But as far as I’ve read (don’t use it myself) Magisk should be able to work around this for itself…

I would like to know that trick :wink: . I have magisk (for root) TWRP is not installed, and the december OTA have not been installed.

I updated /e/ OS with Magisk, without TWRP last week following the steps mentioned here:

Worked very smooth. No issues at all. :slight_smile:

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My problem is that I rooted my phone using this method:

So, the rom is patched and magisk installed with no backup partition.
I can’t uninstall magisk, restore backuped partition, update, re-install magisk.
And now, I realize that I can’t pass SafetyNet due to CTS Profile (=> no access to Amazon, banking app…) I will have to re-install all the phone :frowning:

From here you can get the magisk uninstaller zip that you can flash in TWRP to uninstall magisk, it should work (hmm, can’t guarantee it will nor confirm where this zip comes from though, use at your own risks)

This here has the keywords magisk and cts profile, and most recently was marked solved … it is partly in German and I didn’t look too much into what it’s all about, since I don’t use neither Magisk nor banking Apps/ Google Pay …


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