What apps with root access do you use?

Here’s the list of root apps I’m using on my Sony Xperia V:

  • /system/app mover (allows to convert system apps to non system apps): very useful when the phone internal storage comes short
  • AFWall+ (iptables editor for Android): allows to specify which app have access to what kind of network (Roaming, LAN, WiFI, 3G, VPN)
  • Adaway (ad blocker): will modify the “hosts” files to blacklist any ad domain
  • BusyBox Free (linux commands package): contains many useful *nix commands
  • CatLog (log viewer): display of system logs
  • F-Droid (app “store”): alternative to google play
  • FasterGPS (for a faster lock to gps satellites): will change the NTP server to decrease the time needed to lock onto GPS satellites
  • Greenify (app hibernation): will put apps to sleep to increase battery time
  • Root Browser (file explorer): a great file explorer, which allows to change file permissions
  • SecDroid (android hardening): will secure android by various attack vectors
  • Secure Settings (tasker plugin): allows to control plane mode, amongst many other options
  • SystemCleanup (app cleaning): list apps that can safely be removed from the system, allows to freeze them (chmod 000) or delete them
  • Titanium Backup pro (backup): backup all apps + data (including system apps) to the SD card

Titanium Backup pro and Tasker are paid apps.


Addidionaly to all already mentioned apps needing root I am using on FP1

  • SetCPU to decreas CPU frequency in certain scenarios (e.g. GPS navigation) to reduce battery consumption
  • XPosed + Gravity to toggle between 2G only / 3G only / or 2G/3G-usage with only one click (in the status bar) or in auto-mode!

Combination of both did often allow me to extend one battery charge of the FP1 for a 4 day usage…


It’s also trivial things like on my tablet I used root privileges to get rid of the annoying boot sound.

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GravityBox doesn’t want to function with my (rooted) FP2. Any known reasons? Xposed module warns me about soft bricking the phone…

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Look here: Flashing XPosed Framework to the FP2 with and without custom recovery :frowning:


Not nice… :sob:

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