What about users choose specs based in what they would pay (in advance?) for?

Probably for some the actual fairphone2 is expensive, for others are quite cheap.

What about designing the next phone thinking in flexibility for the main (democratic?) users requests?? :wink: Probably Fairphone would sell spare parts as the main goal where users would change modules depending of situations. Try to understand this logic that don’t need to be the example: some days I would use GPS others days Bluetooth chaning modules.

Would be awesome lot and lot of features in hardware as software, why not open schematics (if not yet) to honestly BE A MOVEMENT?

Good luck…hope to get one phone in the next version…(let see what happens to software updates and probably I get one FP2)

AND!!! P L E A S E be more transparent about the people who help made this products how their lives improve. Don’t mind pay more if they got a better life! You should create movies, articles, about your products from start to show users how thing in the background work. For me, this is transparency.

Could you be more specific about what info you are missing?




I think need more and more details about workers and ambient.
About workers if all jobs are full jobs, if they work only for faiphone, if they get paid similar as China and Holland workers? If no, why? All information is transparency, not opaque.
Ambient, I have my 6 year old samsung still working smartphone, yes I need to change, but this change is a ambient change. Can I send my old phone for Fairphone for recycling? Would be cool.

Would be crazy cool see in video the phone transformation from raw material to the phone boxing…again, transparency and information.


You mean information like this or this?[quote=“vcatpt, post:3, topic:34519”]
Can I send my old phone for Fairphone for recycling? Would be cool.

Yes, you can.

Honestly, I would advise you to take some time and read the website. There is really a lot of information you seem to be asking for. I agree the website is not very user-friendly if you search for information but don’t know where to look for it. But I would certainly advise to read some of the blogposts.


Can recommend this documentary with Fairphone founder and CEO Bas van Abel. However, it is for Dutch public. Dutch with Dutch subtitles when it is a foreign language.


When watched outside the Netherlands the Tegenlicht documentary also has subtitles is English, German and French


Didn’t know this Tegenlicht episode existed! Gonna watch it tonight :smiley:


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