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Hi folks,

I’m new in this community and up to now I don’t possess a fairphone. However, I take into consideration to purchase one.
Besides of my interest in sustainable electronics, I’m intrigued in nature :panda_face:, natural sciences :milky_way:, the Star Trek TV-series :rocket: and in the music of Avril Lavigne. Furthermore I’m engaged in powerchair-hockey, which is a type of sport for people sitting in a wheelchair similar to field-hockey. :field_hockey: This sports is popular here in Germany, but it is even more well-known in the Netherlands.

Today, I registered in this community because I have an unusual question. You can find it here: Question about mouse-functionality

Why do I want to operate a smartphone via a mouse?
As I am physically disabled (I’m affected by a kind of muscular atrophy), I cannot use my legs and arms properly and the strength of my hands and fingers is reduced (I’m just missing a wheelchair-emoji :). Hence, it is not possible for me to use a smartphone’s touch-screen. However, I can operate my wheelchair’s joystick very well. Since quite recently, there are remote-mouse-devices available for wheelchairs. One part (the emitter) of the remote-mouse is connected with the wheelchair electronics and the other part (the receiver) is plugged into the smartphone. Via these remote-mouse-devices one can use a wheelchair’s joystick to move a mouse cursor on a smartphone (or tablet or PC), provided that the smartphone supports mouse-functionality. As I just can operate a wheelchair-joystick, this is a unique way for me to control a smartphone.
To summarise, via the wheelchair’s joystick, one can operate a remote-mouse, which again operates the smartphone, and this is a nice way (and in some cases the sole possible way) for disabled people to control a smartphone via a joystick.


Welcome to the forum, @Tuvok ! :slight_smile: There actually is a wheelchair emoji: :wheelchair: :wink:


Hello I’m Albert and I’m a new Fairphone user.
I would try to do the least pain to this planet.
Nothing more, I’m a linux user, I had interest on Jolla SO.
Thank you for this phone.


Welcome to the forum, @albert-I :slight_smile:

Hello, (Fairphone) World!

I’ve been a FP2 user for something over a year, and my enthusiasm for Fairphone and its values has brought me some invitations to speak about it.

I thought people here might possibly like to see this article, which appeared in the UK’s best selling national Catholic newspaper (the story was carried in some others, too) after one such invitation. Sadly they didn’t make the point about FP2 having two SIM slots, which did excite some students and teachers present at the presentation, but I think it’s still a good result.

The kid who said the spec isn’t the best had asked about a type C USB connector and NFC functionality. I did respond that the connector board is a module, so, maybe some day, a type C connector could appear as an upgrade module. And I showed the expansion pins (I bought a clear back cover to use for this presentation) and speculated that they might support a cover with NFC if somebody wants to develop one.


Welcome to the forum, @MartinUK and thank you for sharing this story! :slight_smile: It’s great to have another representative of the clergy here!

Thanks for your welcome! As a diocesan priest, rather than, like Fr Vincent, one in an order, I am allowed to have a bank account, and so once my decision to buy a Fairphone (or join the movement!) was made, it was only a matter of time.

And that time was providential – I started saving up for a Fairphone when orders were being taken for FP1. Three years later, when I’d saved enough, the FP2 had been launched. :sunglasses:


Hi guys!

I’m Akshay, and I’m working at Fairphone as the User Experience Designer for the Website and other digital initiatives.
Most of my time is spent doodling, reading tech news, watching TV shows (I’m psyched that Sense8 is coming out this Friday!! – if you don’t know it you should definitely check it out)
and drawing boxes and arrows that will later become parts of the Fairphone digital experience.

The forum is an amazing place to get to know Fairphoners and non-Fairphoners alike, and I’d really love to learn more about what you guys need and how we can design our website better with the people in mind. If you’re having an issue or feedback about some part of the website feel free to contact me!



Welcome to the forum @anon22355583 ! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody!!

I am a future Fairphone 2 owner. I have not bought it yet, but I will in a few days. I love the project, I love opensource, and I am happy to contribute with such a project!!

See your around!


Welcome to the forum, @Javi_VM! :slight_smile:

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Where are my badges then, you know I have a First Eidition and for longer than 3 years: “owner of Fairphone # 00139”???:wink:

Wow, you lived a risky life without these badges! I immediately granted them to you! That was long overdue! :smiley:


Hi folks,

My interest in Fairphone first came from my friend who gifted me the phone, as he works changing supply webs of companies towards more regenerative practices (at Terra Genesis International). I’ve used GNU/Linux for years because I like the politics/ethics and also the ability to customize, and I’ve participated in social and environmental community processes for years (I grew up in a city with dozens of petrochemical refineries, so the harm of that way of doing things was pretty obvious)… so the Fairphone initiative catches my interest in many ways. There’s still a ways to go before reaching my dream of a compostable (or even edible!) phone or computer (explained a little bit in this video), but the Fairphone and related efforts are where the rubber meets the road on this path.

I received a lightly used Fairphone 2 as a gift from a close friend in January, and I’ve almost migrated to use it as my full-time phone. I’m waiting to get the case replaced (following the instructions in this post) and for Android 6 to reach FP Open. I live about one kilometer from the ocean in a rainy part of Ecuador, and sometimes I use my phone to take photos while working on farms, so my Fairphone 2 will get tested for durability in a humid and slightly salty enviroment.

These days I collaborate with a campesino organization, a permaculture education project, and the AlterMundi community network collective. I showed how to take apart and reassemble my Fairphone and told some of the Fairphone story in an AlterMundi workshop at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe, Argentina, in early May, and also at the Agroecology & Political School of a campesino organization here in Ecuador – it’s a great way to say “look, other ways of doing things aren’t just possible, we (humans) are already doing them!”

In AlterMundi, we want to start a conversation with Fairphone about the manufacturing and recycling of the LibreRouter, so please let me know who to get in touch with!

Happy to join the forum!


Welcome and bienvenido al foro! :wink:

I think you should best send a message to research [@] fairphone [.] com

My new FP2 has just arrived and I’m looking forward to migrating over to it in the coming days. As I type; the Android 6 update has arrived on it so I’ll shortly be taking it for a test drive and moving apps on to it.

I’m pleased to be able to support this type of ethical project. Hopefully this is the last phone that I buy for many years.

One concern I have is around the FP funding model; a one-time charge for lifetime support will eventually lose money and personally I would have been OK with the purchase price including 2 years of updates and a nominal charge (like e25/yr) for updates in subsequent years until the end of support in X years. I think that is fairer.

As I get to know the forum, I’ll find discussions along those lines and see what has already been discussed/decided.


Welcome to the forum, @edanto!

We love new forum members with this approach! :smiley:

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Hey Fairphoners! :slight_smile:

I am Daniel, and I have been the new Fairphone social media intern for about 6 weeks now. I am the successor of Kelly, if you had the chance to get to know her! I come from the boring part of Germany.

The forum isn’t exactly my domain, but since Douwe is not active at the moment, I will pop in every now and then and do things like moderating the AMA today (http://www.frphn.co/DRCAMA).

I started off with a Fairphone 1 Second Edition back in 2014 cheering about every step along the delivery route. It fell from dormitory staircases, I dumped it in my müsli, it survived it all, but in the end, it wouldn’t charge anymore since the cable would always fall out! :frowning: So it served me a solid 2,5 years.

In a nutshell: I am glad to be now posting in this community, one of the most publicly underestimated parts and ‘services’ Fairphone provides.

Read you around!



Welcome to the forum, @anon99326380! Looking forward to see you around here. :slight_smile:

Was it the USB connector? That can more or less easily be repaired by a localrepairshop. (Had my own repaired almost a year ago. ;))

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Nice to meet you @anon99326380.

I come from the boring part of Germany.

There is a part in Germany more boring than all the others?! :open_mouth:
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Servas aus dem Land der Schluchtenscheisser. :wink: