Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hey @nanoplink and welcome to the forum and community!

I moved your post here as I don’t think it has anything to do with the #communityportal.

As for the lack of information I think you should have a look at the #wiki’s and #staff curated guides. Also the #meta:dictionary could be interesting to you. You can edit wikis and contribute if you have info that isn’t mentioned there yet.

Hi @paulakreuzer and thanks for showing me those links! :slight_smile: I withdrawed my response because I think it have to do with the community portal and should not be in this thread.

My first post was about that : there is no clear direction for people who want to dive into the hardware and how to contribute to the community on a more technical side. The community portal is the landing page for the Fairphone community. It should hold those kind of informations. One shouldn’t wait a community member to point out those resources (even if that’s a really nice move you made!)

Since I didn’t introduce myself yet here I go : I’m a electronics/system development enthusiast and I bought a fairphone 2 because I wondered if it could remove some friction on device customization. I’m also interested by the USB 2 port at the back of the phone and what it could allow! :grin:

(also can i post my message again in #communityportal now?)


@nanoplink If you want to discuss the content of the #communityportal, please head over to the Github repository and start an issue:

Ps: I’m gonna close the other topic because Github is easier to keep track of the discussion around the community portal.

Welcome to the forum, @samk! Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself? :slight_smile:


Seems like that has been a spam account?

Australian. Work in Qatar. Owner of a Fairphone 2 after a lot of hassle.

I want to vote with my money and time for supply chain transparency. We walk into supermarkets and shops and know nothing. I want to know the story of each product. I want to contribute to this movement at least with my purchasing decisions but also professionally. I would prefer, actually, to stop with this whole career bullshit. But it occurs to me that my specialty in geographic information systems might help with a supply chain transparency system.


Welcome to this forum.
Just read your other posting, how you came by to own a FP2. It’s people like you, that make a change. I appreciate it.
And influence and influential people can help to achieve things, that otherwise could not be reached. So I guess you are right, you and your knowledge might be needed.

Greetings from Sweden and my new Fairphone 2! :smiley:

Happy to support this company and its efforts. I had a Huawei Honor 9 which I was very happy with, but I just had to support this phone and its future.

I know it’s late getting a FP2 but whatever! :slight_smile:

This is my first day with the phone and I’m still getting used to it.
But something I’m wondering is, what is it that Fairphone OS has added to it?
Cause it feels pretty Android 6 stock-ish.

I’m also wondering if it’s worth going forward with Fairphone OS or switch to Lineage OS?
This coming from someone who relies on Google apps.

Any thoughts are welcome!

Besides that, just wanted to say hello, join this community (that I’ve been stalking for weeks :smiley: ) and wish everyone a good day!



Welcome, Welkin :slight_smile:

About LineageOS, have a look here: FP OS Android 6 VS LineageOS Android 7


Hey there, I’m a proud new owner of a Fairphone 2! I support the project and hope it will keep growning, for a “fairer” world.


Hi, I am Eva de Vries and happy owner of a Fairphone2 since two months.
The camera stopped working very early on, but today i opened & closed the module and it is working like charm again. So time to join the community and thank Fairphone for this brilliant modular phone!

Greetings Eva


Hi Sergent and Eva, welcome to the show :wink:


Hello everybody,
My name is Simon and I’m from the UK. I bought the FP2 as a replacement for my 10 year old Sony Ericsson W890i and I’m very happy with it. My old phone still works so it will be kept as a spare. I’m always loathed to replace things that work but the FP2 was too tempting for my long needed upgrade.
Glad to see so many people supporting the Fairphone project and the forums.


Hi all,

I´m Johanna, got the FP2 in August last year. Since I don´t have a Google-account, the phone hardly worked in the beginning. Now I changed to Fairphone Open and was impressed how simple it was to get the phone running. Also some problems which occurred, were quite simple to resolve by reading through the forum posts. In the moment I´m experimenting on the XPosed framework to see how this works. I´m really happy about this phone and the great active community.

Kind regards



Hello Simon and Johanna,

welcome to the forum and lots of fun with your Fairphone. :sparkler:

I changed from Sony Ericsson as well (P990i), but I have to admit, that I already fell for the Fairphone 1, even though the Ericsson is still working (even for E-Mail).

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Hello onboard.


Those were the days…:disappointed_relieved:

What a time span, such electronic devices were built to last.
Many so called “smart” devices these days struggle to exceed the warranty period without malfunctioning.
As a user I don´t see what´s the smart part thereby.
So I am very glad to have a reliable FP2.


My Nokia C7 is eleven this year and still running (with its first display)! My two years old FP2 with third display hopefully will do the same and run another nine years. But I’m not so sure.

To be honest, those old phones like my still working Ericsson T68 from 2001 can not be compared to the new ones so called "smart"phones.
Just the size of the new displays makes it so much more likely, they are going to break and cause trouble.
Another thing is, that they are closed eco-systems (Symbian), while on Android there are dozens of different apps from hundreds of sources are interacting and can cause lots of problems.
Not to mention the amount of functions squeezed into just one case. My T68 has a camera that can be attached to a port, as can be an external “keyboard” and a mp3-player. But always one gadget at a time.
I just saw, that the T68 is still sold on ebay (at 100 $ even).


@BertG & @Patrick1 & @Heiner
Here is a photo of my old phone, courtesy of my new FP2 12MP camera. Looking a little bit worn. It even survived a full cycle in a washing machine. I left it in a jacket pocket. It was turned on when it went in but funnily enough was not working when it came out. I took it apart (or at least took the back cover off and battery out) and dried it out on a radiator. A few days later it worked and still does today.
I’ll let you know if I ever do the same with my FP2. :smile:


Please don’t. :wink:
But in case you don’t head my advise and do it, visit the #waterwiki