Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Bienvenue au forum, Gizmo! :slight_smile:

Hi Marco and Hi to the FP community,

First I’d like to take the chance to congratulate FP company and employees, this is really a great initiative and I hope that you will last.
I am a FP user, I bought it in Switzerland in one of the rare retailer ! Now I live in Brazil and I obviously do not see a lot of FP around me but I am asked a lot of questions when people see my FP
I sometimes read articles in the forum because let’s face it, FP has a lot of issues ;), good thing is that I resolved most of them by reading the useful contributions in the forum. Now I also want to contribute that’s why I just created an account today.

That what just a way to introduce myself,

Cheers - Olivier


That’s the spirit! :thumbsup:

Welcome. :slight_smile:


Hello ! Greetings to all and to the Fairphone team. I am Leti from France, and I would like to buy a Fairphone, whether new or second-hand. I have been contemplating this purchase for several months and I’m now ready! It would really hurt me to buy any other brand actually.
However the pre-order takes soon long… :scream:
I’m also wondering why the posts proposing second-hand FP are closed only after 60 mn ?


Our moderators stated that every answer would appear in the list of latest topics. They find it disturbing. To avoid this, the topics are being closed. You should use private messages to contact the potential sellers/buyers. (Private messages should be used anyways, bank data and addresses don’t belong into the public.)

Welcome to the forum @Leti974! :slight_smile:

In order to be able to send PMs…

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Hi, I am Willem aka Dutchlion. I ordered my F1 in november 2011 and I’m still using it. When it stops working I’m sure I’ll go for the F2 since I love the idea behind the Fairphone.


Welcome to the forum, @dutchlion :nl: :lion_face: :blush:


Hi, I am Arno, I am from Austria :slight_smile:

and I want to buy a used Fairphone for my wife.

I found the “offered” section and a good fairphone offer from an other user. How can I contact him?

Edit: now, after writing the first words, I was able to contact the other user. So I am hopefully get it…


Welcome to the forum!

As for your question on contacting other users: As soon as you reach ‘basic user’ status (which you have), you’ll be able to send direct messages by clicking on another user’s name and clicking ‘message’ in the box that pops up.
Alternatively, click the three dots next to the reply button underneath their post and then click the flag icon. The box that then appears will also have an option to message the author of the post.


Hi Arno from Austria! :wink: Have you heard of the Austrian Fairphoners? Maybe you can join us on one of our next meetups. :slight_smile:

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Hello. Reading @anon59030904 post above, I realise I am in the very same situation. I never introduced myself since I joined the forum (but never posted either, just reading up to now).

I’m Thibaut, French living in Brussels and still proud owner of a working FP1, delivered by Santa Claus on 25th December 2014. It is my 1st smartphone.

I’m working in IT business, and with this phone, I confirm (but happily) the expression “[que] les cordonniers sont toujours les plus mal chaussés”. :slight_smile: My goal is to keep the FP1 till it dies, and I have a good battery, so be careful, it may last!

My beloved wife (who probably spoke with Santa for the first Fairphone in the family) bought a second-hand FP2 beginning of 2017.

Fairness and ecology drew our attention to Fairphone. With the end of the FP1, one can realise it is more complex than initially thought. Anyway, I am still supporting the initiative.


@anon59030904 @thib welcome to the forum, finally! :wink:


My name is Arnold, I’m almost 66, Live in Chester.UK.
We bought FP2 for myself and My wife And once again I allowed my heart to go before my Brain.

It was the biggest mistake I have ever made At times I wish I could Get my Money Back, It came with No instructions.
So how am I to Know how the bloody thing works.

Just getting the screen to open so i can place icons where i want them is beyond me and if I accidentally hit the right combination of ?.. will I have time then to sort it…

Its like now for some reason when the phone rings I don’t get a button to answer it fortunately there is a local shop that can help me but they are shutting soon this has happened before…he did say something needs to be refreshed but what? and where is it.
I look at your list of messages since i last looked and I could be on another Planet. I can just about understand Open source formatting and or something else.
I have grasped that to to get away from windows I needed to Go over to Linux so I had it put in my Pc. and so far its been Great.

What would I like well? Could someone create for me a heading Marked Plain English.
Explain or give me A link that I can go to to get basic instructions for all these jobs that your generation grew up with Marco where As mine are just baffled with I also do not have someone your age to help me with these issues.

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Welcome, @Arnold_Wilkes.
For your information, maybe this can help: http://bfy.tw/DkRj
It leads to information like this website, or this one.

Hi Arnold,

Fairphone has several local communities called “Fairphone Angels”. There, other Fairphone owners help each other out with problems, if possible by meeting directly. Maybe there’s one in your vicinity.

@Chris_R might be able to help. :wink:

And welcome to the forum of course.

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The #communitymap will directly lead you to the nearest Fairphone Angels. You can simply send them an email and they will try to help you with any issues.

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There’s still such a thing as books :wink: .

Edit: As an informed customer, you of course know that it is not mandatory that you buy your books from Amazon, there are other online sellers or even real bookstores in your vicinity (more or less) you can go to. Browsing through stuff at Amazon and then buying from your nearest bookstore is actually rather cool and subversive, because it turns the whole “I’ll look at goods in the store, even ask for advice there, and then just order everything online.” thing around very nicely.
And it doesn’t shock @Stefan so much, hopefully :wink: .


How dare you to link to Amazon??? :scream: They are about the worst thing that has happened to books in all the time since they were invented.

What about this one: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/9781511577847/Guide-Android-Seniors-Introduction-Phones-1511577843/plp Ohoh, guess who’s the publisher: Createspace - An Amazon company.

Edit: There is this blog: http://www.androids4seniors.com/


Hi everyone,
Finally got myself a Fairphone - been wanting one fort a while, since I first heard about it several years ago. I’m in the UK so I’ve got mine from The Phone Coop. Very pleased so far - it’s a Factory refurbished Fairphone 2. Thank you for the support videos - I used to see how to get the back off and back on again!
I teach a Masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London, so I use Fairphone as an example a lot. Many thanks to all of you.
Warm regards,