Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Hey everyone! I’m Gil from the US, DC to be exact. My current phone is on it’s last legs and the FP2 sounds like the absolute perfect upgrade for me. I decided to start getting more active in the FP community so I joined up here.


Hello, this is [redacted] calling from [redacted]. Here are the votes. Fairphone: 12 points. Ahem, oh, isn’t this the European song contest ? Obviously not.

Maybe try to imagine what Shakespeare would have started with if he would have had a Fairphone : As you like it ? Much ado about nothing ? Comedy of Errors ? or rather Love’s Labour’s Lost ? Taming of the Shrew ? Finally it may be All’s Well That Ends Well.

OK enough kidding.

My explained decision for Fairphone can be found here at another thread in another corner of the forum: What phone did you use before Fairphone ?

Now I would end my silly introduction with a serious mind. Fairphone really is an artificial device for outlanders and aliens. Be the force with it and may it live long a prosper.


Welcome to the forum, @mav, @barry.cohen, @Purplegill10, @anon9505190 ! :slight_smile:

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so the Fairphone 2 is my first smartphone … and I have a new understanding for the smart in the phone … its clearly not the phone being smart it’s me who needs to smarten up a bit to be able to use it …

I’m really really trying to stay away from google … though so far that has only left me with frustrating evenings …


Hi @levesch, and welcome to the forum!
If you haven’t found the topic already, there’s a lot of discussion going about using the Fairphone 2 without Google in the topic linked below. Feel free to ask any questions about anything you get stuck on when trying to be google-free over there!

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Yes I already have it - I worked my way through the post that Johannes
mentioned … I would just like to get rid of google not just not use it

Hello all,

my name is Clemens and I attend an IT college at present. I’m a proud FP2 owner located in Lower Austria. After compiling Fairphone-OSOS and in that way getting rid of the Google Apps, it raised some questions… hope to find answers here and share knowledge. Though, as I’ve been using a Windows Phone previously, my Android experience is a bit limited. However this is likely to change from now on :wink:


Hello everyone,

I’m a proud, new owner of a Fairphone2 (FP2). Happy to support such a project. Been trying to set up and use my FP2 without Google apps (GAPPS). The Forum has been helpful so far, and a quick call to the Fairphone phone number was also helpful. A real person on the other line actually picked up the phone and had time for me - wow! I’m looking forward to an easily installable open source operation system (are these called OS or ROM?). A guide to all these abbreviations would be helpful! Anyhow, thanks to the FP team and all forum contributors!

Best regards,


Hi @shantha13, welcome to the forum!
There is a dictionary of various terms used on the forum - maybe some of the entries will prove useful:

Thanks very much!

Hey there - I’m trying to find a way to get a fairphone into nz, it looks like you can’t use the post as lithium batteries are prohibited? How did you get yours?

Hi. I have family in the UK so I had it posted to them, and then a family member was flying out to NZ so they brought it in their hand luggage.

Oh ok thank you for your reply!

OK this is… better late than ever!

I am a proud owner of a FP1 First Edition that I love!

I only bought an FP2 because I couldn’t run some applications with the android version of my FP1 (now I can because I upgraded to the inofficial ROM… but too late!)

I live in Switzerland and have a family. I’m not a programmer or developper but an “above average” user which means for me that I can (more or less :grin:) succesfully root my phone and use adb commands following a tutorial.

When I found out about Fairphone it was clear for me that it was the phone for me… everything about it was what I was looking for and I’m very happy to be part of this adventure and this community. I definitely like my FP1 better that my FP2 (materials used, size) but I’ll continue to defend and promote the fairphone concept…

So this is it… :grinning:


Bonjour à vous tous!
Je suis Sophie (Akkronic). J’ai choisi mon FP2 pour des raisons éthiques, comme beaucoup d’entre nous, n’est-ce pas? :smile:
Sinon… ah si je peux vous préciser que je suis pro-linux pour mon ordi (j’en essaie plein), que j’ai aussi une Raspberry Pi, un email Protonmail (probablement un peu par parano) et que je cherche à éviter de passer par Google&cie à tout prix (je n’aime pas qu’on se permette de farfouiller dans mes affaires sans me demander :wink: )
Voili-voilou, au plaisir de vous lire.


Hi @austrogrammar and welcome to the forum. Have you happened to stumble upon the Austrian Fairphoners? We are organizing events regularly, where we talk about our Fairphones and help each other with problems. The next event we will be at (with a proper Fairphone booth btw) is the Südwind Straßenfest. Would be great to see you there, Clemens! :slight_smile:

Finally you have posted here, @evidement! :smiley: Welcome at last! :smiley:

Salut @Akkronic et bienvenue à le Fairphone Forum! :slight_smile: Sorry, if this wasn’t correct French… :blush:

Hi FairPhone users,

my name is Massimo and I am physicist, working in metrology research institute. I started fixing things by myself about one year ago (if fixing Lego constructions counts, or the bathroom’s faucets, then I have more experience to quote 8-), and I soon became the family reference to replace hard drives, mobile phone screens, LCDs, and batteries. Much of this is thanks to the free guides on iFixit and Instructables.com.

To the point: I don’t own a FairPhone yet. I have owned a Motorola Moto G since 2014 and, by principle, I would not replace my mobile phone unless it turns at least two years old. I was considering getting a new phone and an LG G4 would be my hardware/price target, now that the price is below 300€, in Italy. But then I stumble into this FairPhone 2. The phone looks nice, and the possibility to easily replace parts -with the endorsement of iFixit- is very appealing. But I am having difficulties justifying the extra (relative to the G4) 200€-ish. I am not trying to be provocative here, I am only trying to understand the value of these extra 200€, relatively to what I am willing to spend. Will the FairPhone last me much longer?
Not least, I would be of course happier to contribute to a project born in the EU.


Hi and welcome on the forum!

Maybe this can help?


If you just compare money-wise and don’t want to drink the fair kool aid, other phones will work as well. Especially if you focus on software availability (Nexus, for example). But if you see it as a “story-telling-device” (whatever it is, but you get the idea, I guess), like the modular approach (battery, camera, usb-connector/mic are replaceable), and also keep in mind they are going to share the current code really, really soon … it could be a pretty cool phone with just a few minor issues that could last really long. But if you are a power user and you really need raw CPU power and the lastest Exmor camera improvements from Sony & Co (Sony IMX318), keep in mind that it’s based on an older Snapdragon.

My suggestion: Read the cost breakdown carefully, read the forum and ask your questions!

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