Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

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Looks quite like it and I moved to Bamberg recently. So if you @StephanNo, @Moritz or @Toking are to organise some meet-up, I’d be interested in joining :wink:


Frankenphoners unite! :sunglasses:


I’ve been reading and posting on this forum for a while, but I’ve never properly introduced myself. So hi, I’m a Dutch student and I’ve had my Fairphone for over 2 weeks and I absolutely love it!


Maybe… Franconia got a Tatort-Team, and now a lokal Fairphone Group. :smiley:

(Bamberg is just 25 km from me @merci :wink: )


Sound like a good idea. I’d like to wait until I recieve my FP2. But then I would surley join a meeting in Nuernberg. Perhaps in Febuary. Is there an extra section in this forum for Local group-Announcements?


Yes, kind of, there is a thread called the local Fairphoners address book and I already created an entry for Bamberg/Nürnberg :wink: Apart from that I will create a separate topic later :slight_smile:

Edit: I just created said topic.


Hi all! my name is Frans and I live in the Netherlands. I ordered a FP2 yesterday with a black cover. Now the waiting can start :wink:


Hi ! My name is Fabien, i live in the French Ardennes, near Belgium. I ordered my FP2 in december and my old (2008) Sony Ericsson will be glad to retire, and perhaps serve when i need more than a one day long powered phone (as when i leave in moutain to climb…). It renounces to take photos, is used to crash when i demand too much from him, refuses to overflow his memory or update safety certificate, etc…

I will discovered Android systems ! Waouh ! So exciting (irony inside) ! A new short will introduce itself to me. I hope i won’t be disenchanting !

I was seduice by this project, and despite it costs a lot, too much for the use I used to do with my former phone, I hope that my (perhaps one day) incoming FairPhone will last as long as this strong K660i (i just have to change battery and clean the rust of some contact of the keyboard).

Meanwhile, i try to wait with an FairPaper but it didn’t resist in my pocket so much…


Hi, I am new here. It’s a great honor to be a part of this forum.


Hi, I’m currently waiting for my FP2. I am 26, physics student and living in switzerland.
I’m looking on solutions to make FP2 last longer as I’m a traveller and want the FP2 to be my all in one device for long periods.


Hi there,

I am Stephan, living in Stuttgart area in Germany.

I am a happy user of FP1 first edition since January 2014, which I was drawn to as I wanted to support the ideas and effort behind the project - plus I needed a dual SIM smartphone which was pretty rare at that time :wink:

Since a few days I could also start tinkering with my newly received FP2… :smile:

Now curious on how things will evolve with the interesting new approach - one tear for the missing root on FP2 though


Welcome @Moritz, @Toking, @Jori, @Fralamjo, @fabien08, @gigitanner123, @QuentinT, @swiehr! :smiley:

Wow so many new members of the forum! :smiley:

@swiehr Do you already know the Stuttgart Fairphoners? :slight_smile:



I am Lise, from Copenhagen, Denmark. My Fairphone 2 arrived less than a week ago and I am still utterly confused - tapping and sweeping and I-don’t-know what.
But I will improve - and I love the feeling of sustainability.
And - gosh - the Fairphone Customer Support Team on the photo look younger than my children :slight_smile:



Welcome to the forum, @lisebergsoe! :slight_smile: I hope you get used to your new smartphone soon! :slight_smile:



I am VJ from Augsburg, Germany, a proud owner of the Fairphone 2 since 2 days and 20 hours! I am 37, working as a salesman and I am simply in love with my Fairphone… Just waiting for the official version of the alternate OS from the Fairphone team. My old phone was an iPhone 4, which I had been using for 5 years, which now has gone into retirement.

Thumbs up for the entire team behind this beautiful phone.
Hope to see a few fairphoners from Augsburg here.



Welcome to the forum @vthejay!
There are also some local Fairphoners groups in Germany that even meet up once in while. If you want to draw fellow Augsburgers (?) out of hiding, feel free to start a topic for a local group like the topics linked from the local Fairphoners groups page.


Hi everybody!

I just saw that I was grantend the “regular” bagde :-). And then I thought, oh shit, I never introduced myself, although I’ve read almost every post in this forum and in the former forum as well.

Well, I’m Irina, I live in Saarbrücken, Germany, I’m a freelance translator (German, Spanish, Catalan, English) and maybe would still use my Nokia N95 if I wouldn’t have read about Fairphone.

The approach to intend to make a change in one of the worst industries on the world made me, in june 2013, spend much more money than ever before on a phone, that only existed as a cool idea. But I wanted to contribute to convert this idea in reality.

Since my FP1 finally arrived on January, 13th 2014, I’ve been very happy with it. Waiting for it was no problem for me, on the contrary, it was a kind of exiting suspense… And looking for solutions to all the bugs and problems didn’t bother me either, it just provided me a closer relationship to this little device, that is able to replace a mp3 player, a road atlas, a tv, an e-book reader, a digital camera, almost an entire computer!

But my demands increased, and so I ordered FP2 on the first day the preorders started. I know that this isn’t sustainable at all, but I guess I also somehow needed again this exiting suspense of waiting for something that doesn’t exist yet.

And then it arrived, again on January, 13th :slight_smile: I think, that my decision to buy it so soon was a good decision, as it performs much better than the FP1. Alright, we’re in a kind of beta testing phase right now, but that’s cool! Thanks to this great community I’m learning so much! And I hope I can contribute by sharing my new knowledge.

And my FP1? Well, I’ll keep as a spare phone. Because, if my FP2 ever gets stolen or so damaged that it can’t be repaired anymore (I really hope that will never ever happen), I know that I have a good reliable device, configured according to my needs, that can take over immediately. And I don’t want another brand :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I live in Italy and I was a proud owner of FP1, one of the first 10185 people :smiley:
Time ago (on2013) I found an article on a local newspaper about ethical smartphone so I follow the project that I decided to contribute.
I tried to spread the word but with no so good result :expressionless:
So I must increase the attentions to the others many issues to reduce global footprint! :seedling:
It’s an hard work but someone has to do it!
I bought also an FP2 for my wife.

Now it’s time for others device…? :grin:


Hi Anthony,
I’m in New Zealand too. Did you use a 3rd party carrier to get the phone over here? (I’m thinking of trying Youshop as I’ve used that for other stuff). Or are you just lucky enough to have friends in Europe?


Just seen that this answers my question. Right - time to hit Facebook and find the right friend!