Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

thank you @urs_lesse. I have loads of patience :slight_smile:

Welcome. I’s nice to see that Fairphone grows in all areas.

Only one question: Which phone do you use? :smiley:

heya @jftr

I use a Fairphone 1! (first edition) but I also use have an iPhone4S (with Jailbreak).

Probably somewhere end this month I will have a third phone :slight_smile:

I really like playing with my devices, breaking, hacking, dis- and reassemble them, so I always have a bunch of devices lying around to learn about the differences between platforms.


Hello @douwe,

Nice to be able to see your work and contributions on this forum as well. I enjoyed your articles at De Correpondent very much. Good also to know that you’re a person that both understands the need as well as some of the the technicalities of privacy on mobile devices.


Hey, I already posted sometimes in some posts, but now I finally “introduce myself” :wink:
I am 16, live in Vienna and have the FP1u. I just flashed Android 4.4.2 on my Fairphone and I am very happy now :blush:

btw is there some way to change your username in this forum?


Hi, @z3ntu, (officially) welcome to the forum. Great to see fellow Austrians join us here! :woot: I’m sure you have seen this, haven’t you:

On Wednesday, 13:00, you’ll have the chance to meet @anon30133089 and see a FP2 prototype live! :smiley: I’d especially appreciate if you’d come by, since I’d like to see Kitkat on your FP1U. :slight_smile: (If you’re at school at that time, stay there! I’m not encouraging you to skip classes! :wink: )

Regarding the username: If you can’t change it yourself in your account settings, the community mods can do it for you. Just PM one of us. :slight_smile:

I just PM’ed you. And I have school until 13:25 on Wednesday, but I could be there at 13:45 :smile: I’ll try to come!

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A very cool biography you have :slight_smile: (oh, new smilies? finally!)
Congratulations on your child :balloon: :four_leaf_clover:
And what will your third (!) phone be?


Welcome and congrats for becoming a father!


thank you! I hink my third phone will be a very nice Fairphone 2 :slight_smile:


ah, wasn’t sure because end Nov. is early, isn’t it?
Will you keep your FP1 at the same time?

If he is, that would make 5 SIM-slots in total… :wink:

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This is getting a bit off topic; but yeah; I will keep the Fairphone1 to be able to quickly look something up if I get a request for support. But, just as with my iPhone 4S, it will no longer be my main phone and probably won’t even have a SIM card in it…

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Hello everyone,

I’m Vincent and I have never owned a smartphone before. Last year when I got tempted by a deal on Coolblue, I did a pro and con analysis for myself of replacing my dumb Nokia 1100 with a smartphone, but I decided against the smartphone and pro my Nokia for it’s long lasting battery power, the lack of fear of someone hacking your phone (hacking a smartphone is both easier and can cause more damage than hacking a dumbphone methinks), plus it’s not very environmentally friendly to buy a new apparatus when the old one still functions (but I don’t abide to that rule when it comes to computers though, being a gamer, I replace my computers with quicker and bigger ones before they break down).

However, hearing about the Fairphone project got me so enthusiastic about their method of going for a more fair and sustainable electronics market, that I wanted to have one to vote with my wallet for electronics that are made with other principles than just profit and cost-efficiency. Plus the whole vision of Fairphone and the way they’re working to make that vision come true makes me very happy and turned out to work like an anti-depressant when reading the site. I’m however a bit sad there’s no Fairblet yet. I don’t know of any tablets made with sustainable values. I have a Samsung Tab 2 that I use for reading in bed and for travelling, that I find frustratingly show, but I rather put up with it’s slowness until there’s a fair tablet to be found.

This introduction is just about me and electronics and I didn’t share anything about me as a person but for a tendency to depression, but after all, that’s what this forum is about: a fair and sustainable piece of electronic hardware.


Welcome Vincent! Thanks for your straight and open introduction here. :slight_smile: I hope you’ll find the atmosphere here as constructive as I do.

I already do. I’ve been ‘lurking’ on the forum ever since I ordered the FP2 back in july and I really appreciate the respectful tone to each other on this forum. Respectful talk on the internet is usually found in the small niches with a smaller userbase. I saw the game distributor GOG’s forum deteriorate quite a bit over the years when it went from a company selling only Good Old Games to one expanding it’s userbase with the selling of newer games and also AAA titles. Size tripled and respectfulness dropping by 66%, so to speak. I find myself hoping Fairphone will grown big for environmental and social reasons and hoping for it to stay small for it’s forum atmosphere.


Welcome Vincent,

Hope you can contribute in the forum well :smile:

Greetings, Vincenz :wink:

Welcome! Looking forward to your contributions and of course your experiences with your FP2 once you got it :smile:

Hi everyone!
Just registered a few Hours ago. I’m lurking around here since I ordered my FP2 in July. I nearly ordered a FP1 last winter, but I decided to wait for the new one.
I was fascinated and exited about the construction because I’m a technician and I like the way FP trys to change the way things happen in the electronic business. :smiley:
CU in the FP forum


Bonjour ! I am Sylvain. I work with the Customer Support team at our amazing office in Amsterdam. I will be glad to answer your questions about Fairphone in general or your issues with your lovely device, especially in French and Spanish.You can test my German occasionally.

After a master degree in Political Sciences, International Cooperation, Development and Risk Management in Developing countries in France, I spent five years in Latin America. There I worked for a large range of development and humanitarian projects in Bolivia, Colombia and Honduras at the UN, NGOs and governmental cooperation. I am particularly interested in a couple of big issues we have in our not-so-fair world, as freedom of speech and privacy issue, natural resources exploitation and climate change among others.

I was among the first backers of the Fairphone 1 back in 2013. Since then I passionately followed Fairphone’s disruptive and holistic approach to change the way electronics are made. I eventually joined the team in October 2015 and landed in The Netherlands. After all these years where biking was like a jungle expedition, I really enjoy my arrival at this bikes paradise!