Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

I keep checking whether it’s bloated from time to time. For now everything’s ok.

Oh no, I don’t think that’s something people should aim for when a Fairphone is designed to last ^^

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Hi! Deivid here, from Madrid (Spain). Owner of an inherited unfairphone whose battery lifespan is about 4 hours. Looking for a secondhand fairphone because 529 euros is too much for my economy… :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, @Deivid_Rodriguez! :smiley: Did you level up yet? :wink:

Thanks @Stefan! Yes, I can send PM’s now!


Hi, I’m Friederike from Stuttgart in Germany. My father bought a FP1U and I’ve been jealous since then. I bought my FP2 with 2 days left… and am “sitting on hot coals” as the Germans say. I will use the FP2 for work and am lookin forward to the day when I will finally be rid of my iPhone.


Welcome Friederike :slight_smile: Just 2-3 days ago another forum member mentioned he’d like a Fairphoners meeting in or near Stuttgart. I’m sure there are several more Fairphoners in Stuttgart as well.


Hi I’m Daniel from Wuppertal - Germany. As @Deivid_Rodriguez I’m looking for a second Hand FP1 that is stil affortable. Hope to join this awesome movement with such a great comunity.


Welcome to the forum, @mr.selfmade :slight_smile:

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Have you tried here (Second hand market FP1)?


Hi I’m Mike from Swansea,

I ordered a Fairphone 2 a while ago and my greedy little hands are itching to get hold of it. I like rock climbing so will be using it to check the weather forecasts to see when I can pop out on the rock between rain showers.

You have a lovely project I wish you much success with it.


Welcome to the forum, @MikeBarclay, I hope you’ll encounter many discussions here, which interest you. :slight_smile:

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Im active (mostly reading) on this forum for some time now. But since I ordered a FP2, I guess, it’s time for my coming out. :smile:

I’m very excited to have pre-ordered. Not only will it by by far the most expensive phone I bought, it will also be my first smart phone. Until now concerns about privacy, openness/freedom and fairness have held me back. With the latest developments related to opening up source code and the porting of Sailfish, I decided to risk my money and become part of this interesting project.


Welcome to the forum (now officially), @schept! :slight_smile: Nice that you finally decided to “check-in” by presenting yourself!

Hi, I am Sjouke from the Netherlands, proud owner of a FP1U since about a year. I appreciate the ambition towards a fair production very much, so I was very happy that Fairphone was there when I was about to buy a smartphone. I only use basic functions though, so I didn’t think of signing up for this forum right away.


Hi, @Sjouke_Kingma, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

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Introduction on the forum

Hey all!

My name is Douwe Schmidt and I just joined the Fairphone team! I am really curious to get to know you all as I’m going to be fostering, promoting and managing this community. You all know @anon90052001 and his work. My role will be to help him in his work and take over some of his responsibilities as community manager.

Here is a little background information to tell you where I come from: I worked at Greenhost (a sustainable hosting provider), wrote articles on data and privacy for Dutch online newspaper De Correspondent and organised a series of community events with digital rights organisation Bits of Freedom. Before I studied philosophy, worked at a cinema, organised a music festival in Kosovo and learned to dance the tango in Buenos Aires. Recently I became a father.

I’m honoured to be able to work for Fairphone, truly a value based organisation pushing the boundaries of responsible technology. I am going to learn a lot from all the smart people here at the office and from the wonderful diverse group of people that make the Fairphone community. My wish is to be integrated as soon as possible into this community so I too can be sharing my knowledge, ideas and help wherever needed. This weekend I’ll be joining the team for my first community event in Berlin. If you happen to be around, make sure to pop by and say hi!

Upwards and onwards!


Welcome @Douwe ! I wish you lots and lots of patience! :wink:


Welcome to Fairphone, the forum and the community! Happy days :smiley:


thank you @urs_lesse. I have loads of patience :slight_smile:

Welcome. I’s nice to see that Fairphone grows in all areas.

Only one question: Which phone do you use? :smiley: