Weird sms behaviour


as of this afternoon I no longer get to see the text messages I sent through as SMS. Furthermore, the SMS-messages I receive are only displayed upon receival and not stored in the ‘conversation’.

I can not think of any setting that I changed and I did not see any setting that differed between my phone and that of my girlfriend (which is also a smartphone :wink: ).

Jus to test this: it happened for at least two people with whom I texted. Reports that they received the messages appeared on my screen as usual.

Anyone have any clue on what’s causing this and (even better) how I can again get to see the sms-es that I sent and received in a conversation?



Hey @Fairkris,

Are you using the standard Messaging app?
When in the app you could check “Settings/TextMessage(SMS)/SMS storage location”. I think the app only shows messages stored on the phone.
I just had a look at “Settings/TextMessage(SMS)/Manage SIM card messages” myself and saw a pretty damn old message there that isn’t shown to me in the app. I don’t know, but maybe take a look at this, maybe you can find your lost messages?
Maybe this also solves your conversation issue.

Thanx for you input. The problem appeared to be a wrong date on the network (changed to september 9) and the messages were put between other messages from that day.

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