Weird screen issues, and random rebooting

I’ve had my Fairphone 2 for years now. And it’s got annoying problem that I’ve kinda learned to live with, and it just developed a new really crippling problem.

  1. The first is that sometimes the phone randomly reboots for no good reason. It boots fine, but when I don’t notice it reboots, I can miss calls because it doesn’t automatically active the sim card after booting. Maybe this issue is more serious than I’m treating it, because it does make me hard to reach sometimes. It’s even rebooted during a call on a few occasions.

  2. The other issue is very recent: the screen shows weird distortion. Sometimes weird stripes, sometimes pixel noise, and on one very surreal occasion, the screen was mirrored, but otherwise functional (the touch was not mirrored though, so using it was hard. it soon crashed, though). Sometimes the phone works fine, though. It feels too random to be a software issue I think. I notice that more people here have been having that problem but it’s not clear if anyone has found a solution for that. Is the problem in the contact between the screen and the main module? Will cleaning fix it? Does some part need to be replaced?

  3. There’s actually a third problem, also older, but screen related: sometimes my screen didn’t work at all, or possibly touch worked, but the screen remained black. The only way out was a hard reboot, which often fixed it. I’m suddenly wondering if this could be related to issue 2.

Does anyone know a solution to these issues? Does something need to be cleaned? Replaced? Or is the whole phone fried and do I need to buy a new one?

Hi there, I have the same issues with my screen
I have my phone since January 2016 (so I can’t get the screen replaced for free anymore). So far, I can live with all the usual Fairphone hardware issues on my phone:

  • microphone not working, jack randomly working --> I use a bluetooth microphone
  • left side of the screen not working anymore --> I rotate my screen to type 1’s and q’s (which doesn’t work in all the Apps though)
  • for the random reboots, I blocked the battery with a piece of paper, this reduced by 95% the number of reboots

But now I have also this weird behaviour with the screen, freezing all the time, getting stripes, distortion, over saturated colors… I need to be very patient between 2 actions until it works again, and turn the screen on and off to see some result (sometimes not even possible to turn off the screen).

I noticed that this happens more often after charging. Could this be caused by static electricity issues or something like that? Is there a connector somewhere that needs to be cleaned?
My RAM shows normal rates of use, I can’t identify an App that might use RAM in a way it would cause the screen to behave like that

What does the piece of paper with the battery do? Is the problem that the battery is not sufficiently pressed against its contact points?

Your screen problems sound very similar to mine. Fairphone told me it’s a problem with the core module, not the screen. I can have my core module repaired for €223. It’s the most central and expensive part of the phone, sadly.

Might be.
If the battery loses connection, the phone reboots. A piece of paper helps with that.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps help to check which module is at fault by swapping them.

Thanks for that feedback!
Yes the piece of paper is to have the battery being pressed against the contact points.

I would have loved to play around a bit more with my phone, I believe that I have been careful with it all those years, but I won’t replace the core module if the lifetime of the main components is around 3 years. In that case I prefer invest in a basic refurbished smartphone for less than that price. I guess it’s kind of ethical as well.

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