Website not working correctly


I am trying to log a support call for my fairphone due to power problems and random reboots.

But when I get on the site, it keeps asking me to enter an email with password which I do, but says its invalid and I am unable to go any further.

Please advise

I guess you haven’t registered yet to the support pages. Klick on “sign in” and then on “sign up”. Or, if you contacted them previously via e-mail, klick on “get a password”.


Thank you for the reply.

I am unable to progress further from the request for an email, as there is no cancel or close option for the UI. It blanks the site off.

Maybe you should restart your browser. When I open the support page and click on the pink sign in button, I get this page:

On the lower right side, there are options to sign up or get a password.

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