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Framadate can also be a good candidate, and relies on PHP/SQL instead of ruby (maybe easier to setup/maintain)



I have another use case for a file cloud: Fairphone could upload databases for http://map.fairphone.com for everyone to be used freely (for example the physical touch points).

Cc @Esmee


During our last München Gettogether, we discussed the possibility to document our discussions, be it some hints for using the device, on recycling, agendas or whatever. So I thought about this idea to generate a community page. My questions are:

  • at what stage is the discussion?
  • can we wait or should we better start with an intermediate solution (wordpress was mentioned as a quick-starter)?
  • would it be suited for our purpose anyway?
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We’re starting slowly with mailinglists now.
But wouldn’t what you want also work on this forum? Or are you missing functionality here?

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While playing with various solutions, I came to a similar solution. So I will next start defining exactly what features are needed and then I will probably start a thread that others could bookmark.
By the way, how would I make a thread a wiki?
We would probably need a mixture of wiki and forum.


The @moderators can do this for you. You can simply flag a post (click the flag symbol below a post), choose “something else” and write us a quick message. The post will be wikied as soon as a mod sees the message.


When you know what features you need, we can tell you ways how the forum could (or could not) provide you with these features.

PS.: I just found out, that you can subscribe to RSS feeds of a topic, by adding “.rss” to the URL: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/wearefairphone-community-server-fairphone-community-domain/25029.rss


I know there will be a need for a buildserver for the LineageOS FP2 port at some point.

When LineageOS was still called CyanogenMod I rented a VPS to automate the building of images.
Whenever a change was pushed to the WeAreFairphone github a trigger was done to Jenkins (on this VPS) which initiated a new full build of the ROM. The resulting files could be downloaded from this host directly and the buildlog would also be publicly available. Right now the cm12.1 is deprecated and I stopped the VPS.

But now, with a working LineageOS 14.1 ROM, there is a need again.
I don’t think it would be smart to host this on a shared server as performance of this server will be greatly impacted during a build.


I’d say the better solution is to redirect forum.fairphone.com to fairphone.community instead.

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