We’ve Gone Platinum

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We’ve gone platinum, but not in the way you might think. We didn’t move on from being a sustainable smartphone company to making music, but this definitely is music to our ears! Plus, we beat our own score from last year (gold medal), making Fairphone one of the most sustainability-focused companies in the mobile technology sector. Awesome! And since sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, this recognition is a pretty big deal.

Where did the rating come from?

EcoVadis is a ratings platform that monitors sustainability in global supply chains and businesses. Basically, they assess how well a company integrates sustainability, provide them with feedback and ensure they are equipped with the tools and know-how to continuously improve.

They assess tens of thousands of companies (over 75,000 to be exact) and receiving a platinum medal means that you’re the top 1% of thousands of companies in terms of your sustainability performance. EcoVadis rates companies based on an overall score of 0-100, which reflects the quality of the company’s sustainability management system at the time of the assessment.

Strive and thrive

As you know, we are not only pioneers in creating more sustainable ways to make smartphones, we also nudge other industry folk to follow suit and act more responsibly. Our goal is to motivate the industry to look at both the social and environmental issues that surround the electronics supply chain and literally are a part of the fabric of most smartphones.

As a social enterprise, we are a different kind of player. This means we are able to be innovative in our own supply chain and bring the customer closer to the production process so you are aware of what goes into the production of your phone. With our focus on people and planet, we are taking a holistic approach in order to nudge the needle toward more sustainable and responsible practices, including buying behavior.

We always strive to do better and this score from EcoVadis shows us that we are moving in the right direction. We continuously work toward expanding our impact and every award, recognition and email from you, our users, proves that we are doing just that.


So what score did Fairphone get, why so coy? Don’t tell me that would be too transparent :slight_smile: Or is that missing object revealing?

Platinum - top 1% (overall score between 73 and 100)


Is there a report about which aspects of sustainability were monitored? Otherwise this article reads like many others of so-called “Fairtrade” labels which criteria are quite tensile…

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You might be looking for this document:

… and maybe the links on this page:


I didn’t read or check (all) the links myself sofar. They just seemed relevant to me.


Thanks for the links. It would be nice to read the certification results in detail, to see how well Fairphone has performed in the considered categories. I am sure that responsible consumers who have their preferences are interested in the results…


Congratulations on the platinum rating!
I agree with the others it would be useful and transparent if we got to know the score out of 100, and if you would be willing to share on which aspects Ecovadis thinks you can improve!


So, a 1%. Only 99% to go.

73 of 100pts is platinum? :rofl:

Anyway… congratulations to fairphone. :grinning:

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