WaveUp battery drain FP2

I’ve followed proximity sensor and battery drain issue as the result of it on here, but I’ve not seen a conclusion to the problem.

As I just bought a FP2 and am getting 12 hours or less with waveup installed and active I’d say the issue is still present.

I’m interested in an app like waveup because I’ve never liked using the power buttons. It just wears out too fast.

Has anyone found a way to wake the phone with using a physical button?

I was thinking of maybe using a pressy button.

Or has anyone found a solution to this particular battery drain?

It has been reported for Android 6 here, but nobody has reported it for Android 7 yet, so please add a report to the bugtracker:


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I’ve never used WaveUp myself, but from how its functionality is usually described, I would assume it keeps the proximity sensor active all around the clock. Have you read any reports if people are generally getting “normal” battery times when using WaveUp?


It does poll the proximity sensor and this does create a wakelock which keeps the CPU active almost constantly. However, on the FP1 this is not the case. It was determined that the drive for the proximity sensor is what is causing the wakelock.

I’ll go ahead and post it to the bug tracker.

For the record I have reset the battery already twice just to ensure it isn’t the new battery needing a calibration.

Outside of this I’m very impressed with how zippy the FP2 is despite the 2014 chipset.

The modularity of the phone is pure genius and deserves support all by itself let alone all of the other good FP is trying to achieve.


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