Water damage support solution

Submerged my FP2 in water today. stupidly tried to turn it on a few times and it would get to the last moment before turning on (the FP logo with blue behind it) then restart. I took out the battery, got it home 20 mins later, took it apart and it’s all in rice. If it doesn’t work after like 48 hours, is there a support facility for sending back the phone and getting it tested to find out which modules are broken? I don’t know anyone else with a FP2

Have a look at the #waterwiki first.
Hopefully it helps.
Even if you don’t know someone with a FP2, assistance can be found in person of the #fairphoneangels or in one of the fairphoneheavens.
Maybe such a heaven is near you?
Take a look at the #communitymap,

And don’t place it in a “rice-bed” whatsoever.
It rather applies dust than taking off the humidity.


if it’s already in rice should i take it out or might as well leave it? as I assume any dust will be on it already.

no community stuff near me but will follow the rest of that wiki from now on,cheers.

I have no experience, but I would guess, that it’s adviseable to take it out of the rice-bed.
Simple reason: it is not doing any good and the dust emission will continue as long as the phone is placed there.
So, yeah, take it out.
(The rice could be put to better use, making yourself some Risotto with mushrooms. :wink: )


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